[ubuntu-nz] ubuntu-nz going forward

Johann Schoonees j.schoonees at irl.cri.nz
Tue Feb 27 23:29:38 GMT 2007

Craig Box wrote:
> I also think we need another go at thinking about what can be done, both by
> coming up with fresh ideas, and looking at what other people are doing, and
> seeing if any of it is relevant to New Zealand.
> I'm around on #ubuntu-nz now if anyone wants to drop in and have a chat,
> else feel free to reply on or off-list.

Hi Craig

Sorry I can't put my hand up for your job, being overcommitted in 
every direction and not qualified anyway.

I lurk on this list because I support the philosophy behind Ubuntu 
(and GNU/Linux in general) and to be kept informed (not very 
effectively so far) of its progress in NZ.

You asked for ideas.  Not sure how "fresh" this one is, but one thing 
that always encourages me is to see where Linux is being taken up: 
companies large and small, government, schools, etc.

Posts like this recent one on NZLUG are great for advocacy: Ubuntu at 
Hagley Community College in ChCh: 

Has anyone collected known NZ deployments of Ubuntu on a website that 
one can point people to?  Nothing like consumer endorsement!

Once such a site exists, us lurkers could all contribute by forwarding 
new deployments we come across to the maintainer.  If such a site 
already exists, well then let's advertise it and contribute to it.


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