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Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 28 17:13:52 BST 2006

Jason Taylor wrote:
> to install gcc etc do
> sudo apt-get install build-essential
> That should get you up and going if you need to compile any thing
> For codes dvd playback MS Fonts etc
> I'd try one of the third party projects for ease of use and speed if 
> nothing else
> http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/ and
> http://www.getautomatix.com/

of course, thers always help.ubuntu.com, and help.ubuntu.com/community :)

> Openoffice, gimp etc come installed
> To get NZ dictionarys installed see
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocalCustomisation/NewZealand
> ds*
> *
> On 9/27/06, *Johann Schoonees* < j.schoonees at irl.cri.nz 
> <mailto:j.schoonees at irl.cri.nz>> wrote:
>     Hi Ubuntu NZ
>     Does anyone have experience switching from Fedora to [k]ubuntu?
>     I've been using Fedora at work (Core 2/KDE) and at home (Core 3/GNOME)
>     for a few years.  I know just enough to get by but if anything
>     off-centre happens I have to run for help.
>     My FC3 at home needs upgrading mostly because getting multimedia stuff
>     to work for the family has been a bit of a mess.
>     I tried an Ubunti liveCD and was initially put off because it did not
>     have gcc on it! 
as noted above, build-essentials, which is on teh cd.

  I don't quite remember but it might not have had some
>     pretty standard tools like emacs 
emacs is hardly standard - 'it came with fedora' does not equal 
'standard' :)
emacs is availalbe for download, not srue if its on the cd.

or wget either.
wget was there in dapper. i cant see any reason for it to be gone in 
edgy - its kind of important

   I am used to having
>     development tools around for my little programming projects.
>     I am also aware that Ubuntu differs from Fedora in its packaging
>     parentage: Debian vs. Red Hat, apt vs. yum, etc.  It looks as if I
>     might have to install quite a bit on top of the standard distro.  We
>     do have broadband.

synaptic (in gnome) and adept (in kde) are available if you dont like 
apt-get or aptitude in teh CLI :)

>     Am I looking at a long learning curve?  Dad is not going to be popular
>     at home if tux racer is out of commission for more than a day.
i suspect dad should be able to keep his popularity.
>     uses it seriously for architectural consulting work
funny use of tux racer :)

  - OpenOffice, the
>     Gimp, etc.
>     I would want some control over putting /home and /usr/local (anything
>     else?) on a separate partition to make future upgrades easier.
not sure if the live cd installer ("desktop") lets you do this, but the 
alternative cd definitely does.

>     War stories, tips, gotchas appreciated!
watch teh list, i'm sure blood will flow sooner or later :)

>     Thanks,
>     Johann
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This email was sent from a GNU/Linux box - i know its clean :)

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