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Fri Jan 8 19:43:47 GMT 2010


2010/1/8 prahmod <prahmod at gmail.com>:
> For venue of our next program(=Networking training) we planned to visit
> some of the institutions which have been well equipped with the computer,
> during the course we visited Delhi Public School and Adarsha Higher
> Secondary School. Delhi Public School showed very positive results but the
> damm principle of Adarsha Higher Secondary school refused telling faltu kaam
> ma hami computer didainau ra!!!!!!!!!

First of great work there you guys are doing! It's the first step that
matters and you guys are already showing progress. :)

Let that not frustrate your goal. Things like that I imagine is all
over Nepal and not specifically your case so there's hardly any
surprise there for any Nepali.

>        this school also runs +2 in computer as major subject and even has
> been running ctevt program regarding computer. we were thinking of may be
> the personnel would understand our work and cheer up but the whole thing got
> reverse.
>                kaha ko computer ko kehi najanne lai technical college ko
> principle banayera huncha. he can't even value other work how will he
> principle other. ra bolna pani audaina raicha tyo principle lai
> ta.....aahile po samjhi da haas uthcha. heard that person got elected
> through political power,tyesaile po furti lagako raicha.

Let that not hamper your progress. Talk to other people in the
business, private sector, govt and other places.
Perhaps the principal doesn't understand opensource and what it means.
If you look at it from the principle's perspective, maybe he was just
doing his job, or maybe not. It's hard to tell.

It's important to have strategy, documentation and preparedness when
dealing. Also, try to get a meeting beforehand either through phone or
email and leave ample time in between (which leaves them time to
decide and most importantly void you of expending your time and energy
to travel there).

>       we are not disappointed about his behaviour or rather againt his
> decision of not providing the lab but instead we are feeling bad about the
> thing that we are working to develop the sector where the people like those
> don't want to understand and won't help. Ra arko kura behind his decision to
> reject can also be that we should understand that irregular and unwanted
> people are on the post in short not the right person who are well educated
> or got the right background........

Look at it this way. You are a principal of a school and you have
million of other things to attend to. If a guy rocks up suddenly one
fine morning and says he wants the school lab for a noble cause and
does not provide any sort of information or documentation, it is hard
to tell what the use of the session will be. Hence, you'd be inclined
to say 'no' because that's your job; You're the principal of the
school after all and suppose to be in the frontline saying 'yes' or
'no' to matters at hand.

>   khai kasari yo desh ko bikas hune ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One most important single thing. Don't give up.

>        but we won't leave our way and get back still we will cross those
> barriers. And about the training we are arranging for labs and in around 2
> days we will come with some positive outcome. Kathmandu team we will need ur
> help..............

That's good to hear Prahmod. Keep rocking!
Ishwor Gurung
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