[ubuntu-np] Ubuntu-np post from alcohol52 at live.com requires approval (Please subscribe Forest Gump. Thanks)

Ishwor Gurung ishwor at ubuntu.org.np
Sun Nov 22 09:46:33 GMT 2009

Surmandal wrote:

>>> am not very sure about the info.
>> Maybe you are right. But the right person to ask regarding this is
>> Surmandal bro who hopefully is reading this mail and will respond in
>> due time.
> Yes, Mitra has Ubuntu Repo and Others distro for Downloads. simply hit
> opensource.mitra.net.np and you are on...I also use the same repo to update,
> and found that till the date, didn't find dead :D
> Dhanyabaad chha Mitra ko Mitra haru lai..cheers

Hehe :-)
According to 
Mitra's mirror is up and running.

	Ishwor Gurung

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