[ubuntu-np] Ubuntu-np post from alcohol52 at live.com requires approval (Please subscribe Forest Gump. Thanks)

Ishwor Gurung ishwor.gurung at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 20:11:50 GMT 2009


2009/11/22 Jitendra kumar <implements.java at gmail.com>:

> You can find the lastest copy of Fedora/Ubuntu and a few other FOSS isos at
> Digitrust Enterprises, Putlisadak

This is really helpful to Ubuntu users in Kathmandu. Thanks to Prabin? :-)
Anything similar other users around the country can ask just in case
they need distros?

>  > Ubuntu has been No. one to be clicked in Distrowatch for many months.
>> > I have noticed that the download from ubuntu server is  fast. So the
>> server
>> > must be in Nepal. You guys know where it is? I want to get the
>> repositories
>> > in DVD.
> I have heard that Mitra ISP has been hosting Ubuntu repository. However, I
> am not very sure about the info.
Maybe you are right. But the right person to ask regarding this is
Surmandal bro who hopefully is reading this mail and will respond in
due time.

Ishwor Gurung

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