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Ishwor Gurung ishwor at ubuntu.org.np
Sat Nov 21 11:30:21 GMT 2009

Forest Gump <alcohol52 at live.com>
Sun, 8 Nov 2009 13:08:22 +0000
<ubuntu-np at lists.ubuntu.com>

Heard about you during accidentally in google search. Was disappointed 
not to find Nepalese team in LoCo team.
Using Ubuntu since Hardy.
Downloaded and installed Karmic the very next day of release.
You guys a lot backward in spreading about Ubuntu. Lots of people don't 
know what linux is let alone Ubuntu/Fedora. I tried Fedora 11 which was 
sent by the Fedora ambassador  Frank3d but found it full of bugs. Always 
crashing. The Bug Buddy was too busy. I am a fan of Ubuntu and have 
converted many to Ubuntu.
People can't install Ubuntu even if they want to. If someone is lucky 
they can get Ubuntu hardy from Mahaboudhha which is too old and will get 
support for few moths only from now. Same elsewhere. They don't even 
know that they get free cd from shipit!
Ubuntu has been No. one to be clicked in Distrowatch for many months.
I have noticed that the download from ubuntu server is  fast. So the 
server must be in Nepal. You guys know where it is? I want to get the 
repositories in DVD.
I hope you will spread word about Ubuntu.
Waiting for reply.

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