need help for modem at
Fri Oct 10 01:01:21 BST 2008

Prahmod wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-10-09 at 09:10 +1030, wrote:
>> Prahmod wrote:
>>> i have a working external works fine with ubuntu.but my problem
>>> is i have a internal pci modem.the good news is it is detected but does 
>>> not work fine. present wvdial.conf is setup with
>>> the following codes which generates the following error.the modem just hangs up and 
>>> it even does not get dialed but when i try the command:
>>> sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
>>> it says the modem is /dev/ttySL0 and i think the wvdial.conf is rightly configured.what might be the 
>>> problem?????
>> Wasn't this issue resolved like some month ago?
>> cheers
> no man i am still having problem with my internal modem.but with the
> external modem i am working fine.can u suggest me some help for my
> internal one.

Have a read through this and

Google for these information -
1) Modem_model + Linux + driver
2) "insert lspci vendor ID" + Linux + driver

Once you have the driver installed for the internal modem, it's all about making certain tweaks into the wvdial configs and should be good run wvdial.
The hardest bit is finding the right driver for your modem (especially true if it does not provide one or is a software modem [winmodem]). I used soft
modems long ago to remember the details.


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