holy smhoolly!

Bikal KC bikal at ubuntu.org.np
Thu May 8 02:30:48 BST 2008

FFS! What is wrong with this ISP in Nepal! How do 
they do DHCP lease handling?

Here's a snippet of IRC conversation between me 
and Jitendra -

[10:40:35] <nepbabu> jitendra: ok
[10:48:14] <nepbabu> jitendra: are you stuck?
[10:52:19] <nepbabu> jitendra: are you there?
[10:53:50] Lag is 502 milliseconds
[10:55:36] jitendra_ [n=jitu at] has 
joined #ubuntu-np
[10:55:52] <jitendra_> nepbabu: i finally 
registered my keys
[10:56:10] <nepbabu> jitendra_: ok =)
[10:58:00] <nepbabu> jitendra_: did your power go 
off suddenly?
[10:58:14] <jitendra_> nepbabu: i was disconnected
[10:58:32] <nepbabu> jitendra_: okay CoC pani sign 
vayo ta?

What the heck is going on? Or is this upstream 
provider problem or Nepal ISPs problem in 
specific? Can anyone tell me? Surmandal? anyone 
else? If ISP charge customers money, then the 
customers have the right to ask the ISP to not 
disconnect them suddenly. It needs fixing AFAIK.

  cheers :-)
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