Extra Reply-to header for ubuntu's mailing list

Bikal KC bikal at ubuntu.org.np
Mon May 5 03:41:16 BST 2008

Bibek Shrestha wrote:
> Can we put a Reply-to header in the emails sent by ubuntu-s mailing list?
> like the Reply-to header present in all emails coming from google groups?
> that way when one clicks on reply, it goes to mailing list instead.

I'll say this once again - Please use "Reply All" 
in your web-based/email client. Also, please read 
previous mail addressed to Suraj. ;-)

Long answer -

1) All reasonable modern mail clients including 
web ones have "Reply All" (reply to the mailing 
list) feature. Use that.
2) As a more concrete reason for not 
munging/changing the "Reply-To" header to 
"ubuntu-np at lists.ubuntu.com", I'll leave a note 
from [1] -
"Reply-To munging does not benefit the user with a 
reasonable mailer. People want to munge Reply-To 
headers to make "reply back to the list" easy. But 
it already is easy. Reasonable mail programs have 
two separate "reply" commands: one that replies 
directly to the author of a message, and another 
that replies to the author plus all of the list 
recipients. Even the lowly Berkeley Mail command 
has had this for about a decade."
3) This is a proper mailing list and not Google 
Groups (Mailing lists surpasess the existence of 
Google groups and is the defacto standard of 
communicating in Opensource world besides IRC (but 
IRC may not be available for everyone due to 
strict/nazi-type firewall rules / company_wide policy)

Having said that, if there is a popular demand for 
it from subscribers of ubuntu-np mailing list, 
I'll certainly do it. After all, it's our mailing 
list and majority views on how things should run 
is better. However, before putting in your views, 
do also consider the wise opinions from the 
mailman designers/programmers who consider it a 
BAD practise. :)

Hope I have answered your question Bibek :-)

Also, on that note, ubuntians who have applied for 
membership in the LP[2] page should please sign 
CoC with their public key. It _looks_ like signing 
the CoC is hard but in reality it is very very 
easy to follow. They should do that and their 
membership will be dealt with utmost urgency. To 
re-quote from our wiki page[3] -

"How to join?
Members must read and sign-up Code-of-Conduct and 
also have a account. After doing those two, please 
also join our mailing list. You should also add 
yourself to the Launchpad team list."

[1] Included in Mailman FAQ is the link - 
[2] http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-np
[3] http://wiki.ubuntu.org.np/BecomeMember


  cheers :-)
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