need urgent help

Bikal KC bikal at
Sun May 4 18:10:17 BST 2008

Bikal KC wrote:
> manish modi wrote:
>> I need to download the ubuntu repository for our program anytime repo.
>> We are keeping our application in locus so that most of the linux user can
>> know about this application and use it for this purpose we need ubuntu's
>> repository.
>> Locus is starting from this thursday, so we need it soon
>> i am sorry to inform it so late but if we can download a larger part then
>> also its ok
>> so anyone who can fast internet or have already downloaded it pls let me
>> know
>> its quite important and urgent
>> Hope this application will give linux users without internet a big relief
>> and also attarct more linux users
>> so pls help us.
> Hey Manish,
> I think people in Nepal like surmandal and others 
> will be able to help you out. Surmandal is 
> subscribed to this list otherwise just give him a 
> call or something..

Forgot to say why. :-) Surmandal, and others are 
working on putting up Ubuntu mirror in Wlink so, 
that was why I thought he might be able to help 
you out.

  cheers :-)
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