Snaps that I captured in the Party today

Bikal KC bikal at
Sat May 3 00:39:04 BST 2008

Shankar Pokharel wrote:
> Find them here:

Great pictures Shanx!!! and wow! so many people.. 
seems 30+ people.. and wow! who is that chuwak 
chick? :p oops! Loved every picture. thanks for 
uploading. And also, guys checkout Surmandal 
pictures as well which isn't complete yet.

> "The Da Vinci Code" ko bhut ajhai chadheko cha yaar, jhannai maile yaha
> anagram halna lageko :)
> Cheers,
> Shankar

Da Vinci Code? lau maryo.... I've got on my 
ToRead list :p [don't ask me when it will be 

I've done some cleanups in the wiki, take sometime 
to go through it guys. Time to get some rest. Btw, 
in Foss-nepal RMS has replied to the mail. Seems 
he has some 'valid' points. I need some sleep. 
Now! Also, btw we had a IRC meeting yesterday, 
there weere some absenties. <me spanks the IRC 
meeting absenties in the back.. woosh!> :-)

  cheers :-)
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