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Mr. Bernie Innocenti, a members of Sugarlabs (www.sugarlabs.org) core team
is in Kathmandu and working with OLE for a few months now.

He has contributed a lot to the linux kernel, gcc, X.org and Sugar - the new
window-manager costumized for kids.

He has agreed to interact with us on Linux Kernels in FOSS Ka Kura.

He will be dealing with the following sections about the Kernel:
-Downloading the kernel
-Building a Kernel
-Describe about modules
-A quick short example with coding a module. (I am sure everyone is
interested in this one).
-Structure of the Kernel
-How do make a patch?
-How to submit it?
-Who does the kernel?
-How the project works.

Make sure you are there. It is gonna be fun and enlightening.

Date: 4 July 2008, Friday
Venue: Zero Energy House, Pulchowk Engineering Campus
Time: 4 PM tentatively (will confirm later).
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