Need help using my modem

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Wed Jun 25 03:06:39 BST 2008

Hey Pramod,

On Wednesday, 25 June 2008 at  2:36:14 +0545, pramod giri wrote:
> well guys i finally did it.i'm able to surf the internet in modem
> got recognized.and now i am composing this message using mozilla in ubuntu.
>     i used $ sudo pppconfig to configure my modem and set up my isp.
>        well i really had a great day.i setted up my FTP and Web Domain only
> today.completed my three tasks today.
>    thank you suvash for ur response.
>             prahmod

[ ... ]

Glad you managed to fix it with the help of Suvash. :-) 

If you want to source your knowledge to other people Pramod, do not forget our official wiki - and document it bit-by-bit or all in one go because it will help new users of Ubuntu in future who might use the same modem. This is opensource way. Just as a guideline, try to include steps about -
- what drivers/modules & software you installed
- how many configuration files you fiddled around with.
- how you invoked the software.
- any other stuff you remember.

And also welcome to Ubuntu! ;-)

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