Need help using my modem

Prahmod prahmod at
Tue Jun 24 17:49:53 BST 2008

well this is one of the traditional dial up internet user since i am in  
biratnagar, there are few isp who provide cable internet and they don't  
cover the most i am still using dial up.but what problem i am  
facing is i'm a great fan of ubuntu.i think windows is useless.i want to  
completely remove windows and work full time with ubuntu.but thinking of  
the internet connection i must keep windows to connect to isp.
      i have ubuntu 7.xx desktop edition and a external prolink tornado  
v.92 ubuntu does not recognize i can't even think of giving  
a dial to my isp to surf internet.
can u guys suggest me how can i get my modem install and have fun with  
internet on ubuntu.same is the problem with my other frens out here but  
the only difference between them and me is that they got a internal modem.
    plz guys suggest me.


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