fatal error

Prasanna Gautam prasanna at ubuntu.org.np
Fri Jul 25 16:51:59 BST 2008

Prahmod wrote:
> while trying to report the ubuntu communty about the crash report
> generated automatically it hangs up saying that the ubuntu i have
> installed is not genuine.what the hell is wrong with my edition.won't i
> be able to report the crash report?ra k genuine bhaneko.i don't think 
> that is an appropriate word for linux as it is legal to modify.so genuine kasto lai bhanne ta?????
> what does genuine mean here in linux????
Ok. On a more serious note. What application/package were you trying to
report? You don't mention that. And there's no such thing as "genuine
ubuntu" but there is such a thing as "genuine ubuntu package."  A
"genuine ubuntu package" is the one that's tracked by launchpad bug
tracking (i.e, registered with ubuntu). For a application that's not
registered with ubuntu/launchpad's bug tracking system, such an error is
natural. If you want to send a bug report, send it to the project's bug
tracking page.

Hope that clears some things.
btw.. be a little more precise when posting.

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