compiling kernel on SATA interface disk

Bikal KC bikal at
Sun Jul 20 19:12:56 BST 2008

Prahmod wrote:
> well i could not catch this:
> "If you are running on a system with a SATA interface disk, then the
> default kernel configuration probably won't build. You'll need to
> convert some device drivers from modules to being compiled into the
> kernel."
> could anyone just brief me about it.

OK, if i understand your wordings properly, this basically means that you need to compile the SATA 
support for that particular disk as in-kernel module via selecting "X" and not via selecting "M" 
when you do "make menuconfig" to compile a kernel. After that, the support for SATA devices will 
automatically be loaded without you explicitly having to load the sata-related modules (libata, 
ata_piix etc... via modprobe or some such...)


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