Questions and dilemma at
Fri Dec 5 12:13:08 GMT 2008

Hi all,

Over the past few days, people have asked questions at #ubuntu-np IRC
channel that I believe no one was around to answer.

I will just point out one thing. If the people who ask questions do not
take effort to ask what their questions mean, then no one in their right
mind will be able to answer those questions.

This means when anyone asks question, they should take some deep breath
and try to understand from the perspective of the answerer.. what does
it mean? will he/she understand my question? did i give enough details?
in general, try asking in a manner that is understandable by the answerer.

<manish> is there any option to install packages in the other partition
than the /
- Yes. To download a package to current dir -
$ aptitude download <package>; cp <package> /some/other/dst/dir/;

<tEcHrAjEsH> can u tell me how to upgrade firefox in ubuntu..interpid has the same old interface without tab options placed
properly...and old icons for back and forward button..i tried synaptic
packet (sic) manager..but dint find any relevant information

- For Firefox, Ubuntu has its own set of specific package called ubufox.
$ aptitude install firefox-3.0;
This will fetch the latest Firefox package along with ubufox.

I hope this answers 2 questions. Please do not be disheartened when
people on IRC can not answer question. Like me many on the #ubuntu-np
channel have full-time jobs that require us to devote our time to it
too. :-)

If in any case, no one answers the questions in #ubuntu-np, one should
feel free to go to #ubuntu channel which is full of enthusiastic helpers
waiting for questions to be answered.


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