Need Help Installing Ubuntu

Prahmod prahmod at
Sun Aug 17 16:11:08 BST 2008

hey guys,
   i am back with a of my fren is very much interested
installing ubuntu.
	whenever he tries installing ubuntu he gets hang up at the screen
displaying the bird like wallpaper where we normally find the keyboard
layout selection window(1st screen at the normal ubuntu
installation).but here he can't get any of the windows even waiting for
a long period.only the wallpaper let's say bird is displayed and get
stuck.but other mouse events are normal.the problem is that the windows
for the selection of keyboard layout and other aren't displayed.
   and even when he tries the option try "ubuntu without affecting the
system", he gets the error like "GNOME error" with a blank screen and no
more things are displayed.

		so guys help getting out of this and contribute increasing one more
fossian.hope to get the solution soon.
   the configuration of the system is:
         intel 845 motherboard
	 p4 2.xxghz processor
	 256mb core

and plz guys there in ubuntu-np mailing list don't forget to send me the
carbon copy as i am having problem receiving mails from the mailing
                lastly "SAY YES TO LINUX"


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