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Prahmod prahmod at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 15:33:25 BST 2008

hey raju as u wrote that u r having trouble installing programs in
ubuntu, the most simplest way for installing the programs here in ubuntu
is by using synaptic package manager which is on the system menu under
  u can just search the program there which is already defined there an
mark for installation and also click the apply button for the
installation process to take place.
   and for installing the program rather than the program there in
synaptic,just get the .deb extension file(which is just like the .exe
file in windows) from the internet or some other source and run it just
by double clicking it.it is just so simple man just try it out.
   but u may face one problem while installing the program not by using
synaptic,u must search the dependencies manually and install it before
the actual progarm. first u need to be conformed that all the
dependencies program are installed first.if u get that it rocks.ok man
give a try it's not hard believe me, it's just easy and comfortable
using ubuntu.

On Wed, 2008-07-30 at 18:04 -0700, raju wrote:
> Hello promod,
> How are you doing? I think you are busy these days arranging for the
> program the one that is gong to be held in
> Biratnagar.............right?
> I have sometime to ask you. I have done as yoiu have told me to do to
> connect my internet (dialup). What I finally found that UBUNTU in my
> computer doesn't detects my internatl modem. You told me to download a
> file from the link, http://packages.ubuntu.com
> and I did as you told em. I downloaded it and now what can i do with
> it. If I hvae to install it in my ubuntu, how can I do that. I have
> problem installing things in ubuntu. I am using it first time and that
> is why I am having some problem with it.
> Please help me to install it and to help my ubuntu detects my
> internatl modem.
> Looking forward desperately for your kind response.
> Thank you so much for being so amiable.
> Rajesh
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