the ubuntu-np logo

Bikal KC bikal at
Sun Apr 20 00:46:12 BST 2008

Bikal KC wrote:
> Bibek Shrestha wrote:
>> i think we're thinking too narrow here?
>> Jun pani logo ma national flag matrai bho jasto cha,
>> can we think something else, like mountain or buddha eye or something unique
>> other than just the flags.
>> Just some random though
> Good one man.. Definitely why not? hoinara? Having 
> an buddha eye or mt. everest instead of national 
> flag doesn't mean that we don't have national pride?

Hey Bibek are you up with any logo? Just curious. 
Or, is anyone else working on it? As I said in the 
previous mails logo artists should use hai! 

  cheers :-)
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