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Bikal KC bikal at
Sat Apr 12 09:12:39 BST 2008

Bikal KC wrote:
> Hi folks,
> As per our page on /BecomeMember, we need to get 
> people at least subscribed here to start following 
> the stuffs there. Upload keys and do things like 
> sign CoC and become Ubunturos. Becoming Ubunteros 
> means there are several things one has to follow 
> like being collaborative, respectful and a bit 
> more and it has the advantage that we could get 
> approved in the future.

There are few members VIRIIMIND and WEBROVER who 
haven't signed CoC yet. I have approved you guys 
to be in LoCo team :-) but please take some time 
to get sign CoC and become an Ubunturo.

To sign CoC, log on to Launchpad and your left 
side, click of "Code Of Conduct".

If you get stuck, ping any of our admins[1]


  cheers :-)
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