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Bikal KC bikal at ubuntu.org.np
Sat Apr 12 09:10:38 BST 2008

Himanshu wrote:
> Bikal KC wrote:
>> Bikal KC wrote:
>>> Bikal KC wrote:
>>>> Is any willing to write up emacs wiki page?
>>>> Jwala? Pras? since you guys use emacs right?
>> Just a followup, who's writing the emacs page? :p
> May I please suggest a screencast instead?
>        For something like text editors...screencast would work better 
> than trying explain cryptic key combinations via text alone. Also would 
> be a nice idea to use subtitles and/or voice unlike the half assed text 
> transcript fir the one I did on basic ssh usage.

Yeah sounds good. Prasanna/Jwalanta, since you 
guys are emacs people, you should go ahead and 
write something. You guys have contributing 
absolutely nothing to the wiki page since you guys 
are also Ubunteros which is a shame.

However, if people have alternative views on what 
should be ON the WIKI, then please speak up or 
behold! your silence forever. ;)

Hope to see people contribute something. :-)

  cheers :-)
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