emacs wiki page

Himanshu r11t at ubuntu.org.np
Tue Apr 8 03:27:34 BST 2008

Bikal KC wrote:
> Bikal KC wrote:
>> Is any willing to write up emacs wiki page?
>> Jwala? Pras? since you guys use emacs right?
>> check out the BrainStorm page
> Bibek has already done a quiet a lot with the vi 
> as well.
> And Himanshu, are you getting the screencast 
> thingy up on maybe some topic?
> Feel free to discuss guys if you've got time.. 
> Actually writing up something I am passionate is a 
> good way to relax =)
> hehe!
The screencast is on top of my TODO list right now. I will try to get it 
done once I kick a few other things out of the way. Anyway thanks for 
the reminder :)


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