ubuntu + aptoncd?

Bikal KC bikal at ubuntu.org.np
Tue Apr 8 03:21:27 BST 2008

Jwalanta Shrestha wrote:
> hey,
> with new release of ubuntu approaching, can we produce a ubuntu + aptoncd
> pack?? the new ubuntu users are intimidated with lack of mp3 support n lots
> of other legal issues. so we'll keep the all packages required on a separate
> cd, so users wont have a problem starting out.. we might take a minimal cost
> for the pack too..
> what do u think?? we can announce this on hardygettogether too.
> http://wiki.ubuntu.org.np/HardyReleaseGetTogether
> ~jwalanta.

If people can't play mp3 songs on their Ubuntu, they should definitely 
have some other means to access apt via internet/cd/usb whatever... Try 
updating the wiki and see jwala...

pass the mailing list and wiki to interested people.


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