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Date: 22 June 2010 22:11
Subject: Using the tag #locoteams when using twitter/identi.ca
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So I’ve been pondering and mulling trying to figure out how best to
interact with LoCo Teams. I’m on IRC and run a screen session so even
when not there folks leave me a message. It’s handy but I know not
everyone uses IRC. Then we have a mailing list LoCo contacts list which
isn’t being used as much as it can be, we’re working on that. Then there
are the forums, I’ve never been a forums user. Finally we have social
media Twitter and Identi.ca. So there are lots of ways to share your
information with one another.

I thought it might be an idea for teams, members, anyone who wants to
really to use the tag *#locoteams *If you create a search on what ever
client you use, then you’ll be able to see what teams are planning,
discussing, or announcing. This would be a great way to kick start
discussions and also share information with one another.

The Ubuntu community is a large international group of very enthusiastic
and smart people who come up with new and exciting ways of sharing and
promoting Ubuntu. Why not share that information with more people, use
the *#locoteams* tag when you tweet and tell people about the work you
are doing or just to get ideas flowing, maybe you’re stuck and want to
bounce ideas off one another.

I am on twitter and identi.ca @czajkowski and do post a lot on Ubuntu,
but I will as will other *LoCo Council* members be using the
*#locoteams* tag where we can.



Skype: lauraczajkowski

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