GUADEC Volunteer meeting 1st July (the Hague)

Sense Hofstede qense op
Ma Jun 21 20:35:06 BST 2010

I would love to attend, and fortunately I am free that day. However, I
will have to go by train, and my journey would take about three to
four hours (one-way). To get there isn't the problem, but to return
after what is probably going to be a reasonably long evening will be

I'll still haven't decided yet whether I will come, I'll let you know.
If so, of course I'll be there at 18.30 to grab some pizza!

On 20 June 2010 20:09, Vincent van Adrighem <adrighem op> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As we all know, GUADEC ( ) is getting close. Reinout, Olav and I would like to have a meeting to get everyone up to speed as to the status of the planning. The chosen date and time is Thursday 1st July, 19:30 local time in Revspace in the Hague (Binckhorstlaan 172, same as last meeting).
> We're planning to get there a little earlier, to have some pizza (18.30). Please join us and discuss "things to be done" for GUADEC 2010. If you know of anyone with warm feelings towards Gnome and Linux on the desktop...please bring them along.
> We need YOU!
> On behalf of the Dutch GUADEC 2010 foundation,
> See you there!
> Vincent van Adrighem
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