Onderwerp : Short survey about three-dimensional GUIs users - need participants

Auteur : Giacomo Andreucci
E-mail : giacomo.andreucci op unibo.it
Datum : Vr Aug 17 22:14:37 BST 2007

Hello to all, I'm leading a research in the field of geographical 
sciences and spatial models for the University of Bologna ( Degree 
course in geographical sciences): in particular I'm developing a survey 
about the utilization of three-dimensional graphical users interface 
(GUI), both in free-open source operating systems (Beryl, Compiz, 
Metisse, etc.) and in proprietary operating systems (Windows Vista). I 
would ask you if you want to participate to this survey. The simple 
questions form can be downloaded from here 
<http://www.scienzegeografichebologna.it/3ddesktop/> and then you have 
to send it filled to me: giacomo.andreucci at unibo.it 
<mailto:giacomo.andreucci at unibo.it> by Thursday 23 August 2007.

Your cooperation it's really important for me, thanks!

Giacomo Andreucci
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