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2009/3/17 Marcelo Gutierrez <mmgc84 en hotmail.com>

>  Buenos dias lista.
> Este articulo lo tome de StorageReview.com, tiene que ver con el trato que
> se le da a un disco duro y los problemas que esto trae. Tambien hay algunos
> concejos locos para "talves" hacer trabajar un disco duro malo lo suficiente
> para sacar la informacion. Esta en ingles, si alguien lo quiere traducir y
> despues reenviarlo bueno, yo no tengo tiempo.
> 1-Drive Bumps:
> One of the most common causes of failures happens as soon as the
> installation phase: the dreaded "bumps".
> When you hit a hard surface (such as your case) with the harddrive (during
> installation, for example), a "little" bump will very likely generate a
> shock of several Gs (probably more than 100Gs!), making the head scratch the
> disk surface and creating little indentations. The indentations and the tiny
> material particle generated both *will* (not may) cause problems sooner or
> later (maybe not noticeable before a year or more!).
> 2-Drive Orientation:
> Modern drives should suffer no ill effects from variable mounting
> orientations. There is some consensus that it is best to mount drives with
> at least one of the drive's sides parallel to the ground.
> It is also safe to change the mounting orientation even after the drive has
> been established in an initial orientation. In older drives, according to
> StorageReview member Mickey, changing the mounting orientation once it has
> been established can cause failure if there was uneven bearing wear.
> Reasonably modern drives should not be troubled by this problem.
> 3-Death Clicks:
> Simply put, the "Clicks of Death" are a very bad sign for the health of a
> HDD. They are loud clicks which appear mostly while the drive is seeking.
> They most probably mean a failing drive, ready to develop bad sectors and
> die. Start backing up your data and prepare for RMAing the drive if you are
> still in warranty.
> Some drives click once or twice when either powered up or powered down.
> These are normal sounds. Sounds of your drive clicking repeatedly are cause
> for concern.
> 4-Data Recovery:
> First, check the obvious: jumpers, power cables, IDE (or SCSI) cables are
> firmly seated.
> If you are sure that your drive has failed, shut down the drive. You need
> to make an honest assessment about how much you value your data. If you
> absolutely *have* to get the data back, do not attempt any homebrew
> recovery methods. While some are not destructive, the more you use a failed
> drive, the harder it becomes for professional data recovery firms to get
> back your data (and thus, the more it'll cost). A good place to start for a
> list of recovery firms is to visit your HDD maker's website. They usually
> have a recommended list of firms; this ensures that your warranty is
> preserved.
> If I had to list a few of the more common tricks, they would be as follows:
> Drive refuses to spin up (no noises):
> - Clean contacts between board and motor.
> - Make sure the board is not shorting out against the drive.
> - Check power cables, connectors, etc.
> - Board swap, trying to match make, model, vintage.
> Drive refuses to spin up (chirps or other noises):
> - Tap drive (or firmly shake it) while it tries to spin.
> Drive spins, but loudly clicks/chirps:
> - Freezer trick: pack drive in ESD bag, tape shut, shove in freezer for a
> few hours (or overnight). Remove from freezer and immediately plug into a
> known working system as a slave drive, then hope it spins up and behaves
> long enough to copy data.
> These are the more generic "tricks" that are unlikely to further damage
> your drive.
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