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Igor igfgt1 en gmail.com
Jue Jun 5 21:53:55 BST 2008

Oportunidad para colaborar para desarrolladores web usando PHP, HTML,
Javascript o SQL

Sent to you by Igor via Google Reader: Ubuntu QA blog: Brainstorm
mentoring tasks via Planet Ubuntu by nand on 6/5/08

You were looking for some time to participate to a great Open Source
project, and you happen to have some knowledge in PHP, HTML, JS, or SQL?

Ubuntu Brainstorm is waiting for you! Here is a list of mentored tasks,
ranging from easy to hard. If you are interested, you should really
contact us on #ubuntu-testing on irc.freenode.net (IRC), or
alternatively use the mailing list. We will then help you to set up
your working environment and work on the feature you choose, and if you
are doing a great job, your work will be merged to Brainstorm!

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