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Subject: 12th Real Time LInux Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya
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HI !

 As you seem to be involved in open-source (I just found your post to the
 ubuntu mailing list noting Open Nigeria initiative) I would like to ask
 you to help us distribute the below attached Call for Paoers. We are
 organizing the 12th Real Time Linux Workshop in Nairobi Kenya this October
 and are searching for projects that are using embedded and/or real-time
 Linux (or other open-source operating systems) which would like to present
 their projects and results at this workshop.

 At the event a number of key Linux kernel developers will be giving talks
 and also offer hands-on seminars on key Linux kernel topics - so this is a
 good opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Pleas help us
 distribute this Call for Papers to the Linux and open-source community in
 Nigeria !

 Find the call for papers below.

Many thanks !
Nicholas Mc Guire

                     Twelth Real-Time Linux Workshop

                           October 25-27, 2010
                          Strathmore University


  Following the meetings of academics, developers and users of real-time
  and embedded Linux at the previous 11 real-time Linux workshops held
  world-wide (Vienna, Orlando, Milano, Boston, Valencia, Singapur, Lille,
  Lanzhou, Linz, Guadalajara, Dresden) - the Real-Time Linux Workshop
  for 2010 will come to Afrika for the first time this year. It will be
  held at the Startmore University, Nairoi, Kenya from October 25 through
  27, preceded by one week public seminars.

  Embedded and real-time Linux has been rapidly gaining traction in
  consumer electronics and in the past years has made significant advance
  into industrial computing ranging from automatin and control to safety
  related systems. This vast pool of technology not only has the potential
  to improve the capabilities of computer based systems but also has the
  ability to include regions of this world into this creative process that
  have been excluded due to the economic constraints involved with
  development models. Opening the door for the creative potential of
  engeneers in Afrika, exchanging ideas between diverse technical cultures
  is an essential contribution to advancing the capabilities of open-source

  Authors from academics, industry aswell as the user-community are invited
  to submit original work dealing with general topics related to open-source
  and free-software based real-time systems research, experiments and case
  studies,  as  well  as issues of integration of open-source real-time and
  embedded OS. A special focus will be on industrial case studies and safety
  related systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
    * Modifications  and  variants  of  the  GNU/Linux  operating system
      extending its real-time capabilities,
    * Contributions to real-time Linux variants, drivers and extensions,
    * User-mode real-time concepts, implementation and experienc,
    * Real-time Linux applications, in academia, research and industry,
    * Safety related FLOSS systems
    * Work in progress reports, covering recent developments,
    * Educational material on real-time Linux,
    * Tools   for  embedding  Linux  or  real-time  Linux  and  embedded
      real-time Linux applications,
    * RTOS core concepts, RT-safe synchronization mechanisms,
    * RT-safe interaction of RT and non RT components,
    * IPC mechanisms in RTOS,
    * Analysis   and  Benchmarking  methods  and  results  of  real-time
      GNU/Linux variants,
    * Debugging  techniques  and  tools,  both  for  code  and  temporal
      debugging   of   core   RTOS  components,  drivers  and  real-time
    * Real-time realted extensions to development environments.

 Further information:

 English http://www.realtimelinuxfoundation.org/events/rtlws-2010/ws.html


  Stratmore University, Nairobi, Kenya, http://www.strathmore.edu


  In  order  to  participate  to  the  workshop,  please register on the
  registration page at:

 Important dates

  August 2, 2010 Abstract submission deadline
  September 3, 2010 Notification of acceptance
  September 27, 2010 Final paper

  For late submissions pleas contact Nicholas Mc Guire <mcguire at lzu.edu.cn>

 Organization committee:

    * Dr. Carsten Emde, OSADL
    * Peter Okech, Strathmore Universtiy
    * Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Strathmore Universtiy, FOSSFA
    * Dr.  Qingguo  ZHOU, (Distributed and Embedded Systems Lab, Lanzhou
      University, CHINA)
    * Prof.  Nicholas  MCGUIRE (Distributed and Embedded Systems Lab,
      University, CHINA)

 Program committee:

   * Alfons Crespo, University Valencia, Spain
   * Berhard Zagar, Johannes Keppler Universitaet, Austria
   * Carsten Emde, OSADL, Germany
   * Daniel Orwa - University of Nairobi, Kenya
   * Georg Shiesser, OpenTech, Austria
   * Gerhard Fohler UKL, Germany
   * Herman Haertig, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany
   * Ismael Ripoll, Universtiy Valencia, Spain
   * Jan Kiszka, Siemens, Germany
   * Joseph Sevilla, Strathmore Universtiy
   * Kamau Gachigi - School of Engineering, University of Nairobi, Kenya
   * Martin Terbuc, FH ?? , Slovenia
   * Nicholas Mc Guire, Lanzhou University, China
   * Paul E. McKenne, IBM
   * Peter Okech, Stratmore University, Kenya
   * Peter Theuri -  University of Nairobi, Kenya
   * Peter Zijlstra, RedHat, Netherlands
   * Roberto Bucher, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland
   * Sevilla Joseph - Strathnore Universitya, Kenya
   * Stefan Schoenege, B&R, Austria
   * Thomas Gleixner, Linutronix, Germany
   * William Okello-Odongo - University of Nairobi, Kenya
   * Zhou Qingguo, Lanzhou University, China

 Workshop organizers:

    * Open Source Automation Development Lab, OSADL
    * Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya
    * Distributed and Embedded Systems Lab , Lanzhou University , CHINA

Carsten Emde <carsten.emde at osadl.org>
Nicholas Mc Guire <mcguire at lzu.edu.cn>
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