Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 262

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 23 22:27:10 UTC 2012

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 262 for the week April
16 - 22, 2012.

== Links to UWN ==

 * Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue262

== In This Issue ==

 * Code of Conduct Update
 * Developer Advisory Team Report 12.04: Feedback from new contributors
 * Welcome New Members
 * Ubuntu Stats
 * "Best of Jam": We Have a Winner!
 * 12.04 Presentation for Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) and
upcoming SF Release Party
 * Pangolin Release parties - we have 2 - any more?
 * Launchpad News
 * Ubuntu Cloud News
 * Looking towards Xubuntu Q
 * New Lubuntu icon theme
 * Ubuntu 12.04 is for App Developers
 * Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for March 2012
 * The Importance Of Application Developers To Ubuntu
 * Kubuntu: Moving Forward
 * The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Needs You
 * Ubuntu wants to be your cloud and data-center Linux
 * Is Canonical in ISV trouble?
 * Ubuntu nominated in top 5 Linux distros
 * In The Blogosphere
 * Ubuntu 12.04 LTS certified on HP ProLiant servers: computing for
the hyperscale era
 * Speakers confirmed for the Ubuntu Cloud Summit
 * Other Articles of Interest
 * Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
 * Weekly Official Ubuntu Flavors Team Meetings
 * Upcoming Meetings and Events
 * Updates and Security
 * And much more!

== General Community News ==

=== Code of Conduct Update ===

The Ubuntu Community Council has been working on a draft for version
2.0 of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and has put out a call to the
community for review and feedback. Feedback will be published on a
wiki for public review, and discussion about it will take place at the
public  Community Council meeting in #ubuntu-meeting on May 3rd.


=== Developer Advisory Team Report 12.04: Feedback from new contributors ===

The  Ubuntu Developer Advisory Team reached out to many new developers
this development cycle and, as a part of that, "solicited feedback
about our development process." They have now published a report
available in PDF or text and hope "that it will help drive further
discussion about our development processes, tools, and documentation
in the lead up to UDS and over the course of the next cycle."


=== Welcome New Members ===

Results for the Americas Regional Membership Board Meeting April 19, 2012:

 * Chris Druif (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MrChrisDruif |
 * Unit193 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unit193 | https://launchpad.net/~unit193)
 * Luis Alvarado (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/luisalvarado |

== Ubuntu Stats ==

=== Bug Stats ===

    * Open (92925) - 38 over last week
    * Critical (82) - 1 over last week
    * Unconfirmed (47581) - 440 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started,
please see  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad

=== Translation Stats Oneiric ===

   * English (Australia) (2) +/-0 over last week
   * Spanish (7938) -187 over last week
   * English (United Kingdom) (23143) +/- 0 over last week
   * Bosnian (36057) -700 over last week
   * Brazilian Portuguese (42235) +/- 0 over last week

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Oncelot", see
more at: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/ and

=== Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week ===

 * Inexperienced users don't know when/how to safely unplug removable
drives   - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/29561/
 * Make the boot experience prettier   -
 * unnecessary complicated system boot menu   -
 * Make searching in Dash more intuitive   -
 * need to automate transferring firewall rule configs to new
proprietary format   - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/29539/

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add
your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or
against another idea. http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/

=== Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions this week ===

 * Can an Android phone control Ubuntu like a remote? -
 * How can i fit 2 commands in 1 terminal shortcut -
 * How to run .sh file -
 * installing applications in linux from source! -
 * what is a better hard drive to install ubuntu 11.10 -

Ask (and answer!) your own questions at http://askubuntu.com/

== LoCo News ==

=== "Best of Jam": We Have a Winner! ===

Randall Ross shares the winning photograph from his "Best of Jam" photo contest.


=== 12.04 Presentation for Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) and
upcoming SF Release Party ===

Elizabeth Krumbach gives a summary of the Bay Area Linux Users Group
presentation on the upcoming 12.04 release with Grant Bowman,
including a link to a 12.04 handout printed up for the event. Krumbach
goes on to announce the upcoming release party for 12.04 in San
Francisco on Thursday, April 26th at Thirsty Bear Brewing Company.


=== Pangolin Release parties - we have 2 - any more? ===

Maia Grotepass shares details for the two upcoming Ubuntu release
parties in South Africa.


== Launchpad News ==

=== A tale of two travesties ===

Following some unintentional regressions impacting the browser, Curtis
Hovey details his attempts to find an easy and reliable way to develop
and test Launchpad with Internet Explorer, used by 4% of Launchpad's
users. Given the details of his tests thus far, Hovey asks the
community for feedback to help him improve them further.


=== Setting up commercial projects quickly ===

Curtis Hovey shares some changes in Launchpad that now make setting up
commercial projects easier, including enabling of a short term (30
day) free commercial subscription, and details of some of the private
tools available.


== Ubuntu Cloud News ==

=== Juju constraints unbinds your machines ===

Clint Byrum discusses juju's new "constraints" feature and gives examples.


== The Planet ==

=== Jonathan Carter: iPads in Education and the Road Ahead for Edubuntu ===

Jonathan Carter talks about a new trend of educators using iPads as a
means of helping students. He raises a concern as to whether such
technology actually helps or hinders student success, and examines a
common viewpoint from teachers that they are "magical devices that
will do a lot of the teaching for them." Jonathan considers how
Edubuntu could be made even better for schools, and discusses how it's
time for an official Edubuntu device where teachers would be able to
"choose which software, ebooks, courseware and other tools are
installed on which device."


=== Pasi Lallinaho: Looking towards Xubuntu Q ===

Pasi Lallinaho writes that with Precise nearly out the door, the
Xubuntu team have started looking ahead to the quickly-approaching Q
cycle. The team hopes to focus on some key areas of improvement within
the Xubuntu project, including a redefined community, improved
communication, a boost in devotion, and better planning. The
four-year-old Strategy Document also is in need of a revamp, including
an updated mission statement and a focus on clarity.


=== Lubuntu Blog: New Lubuntu icon theme ===

The Lubuntu team is showing off a sleek new icon theme that will soon
land in Lubuntu. The icons are released under the GPL license and will
work in other desktop environments, like Unity and Gnome Shell, as


=== Michael Hall: Ubuntu 12.04 is for App Developers ===

Michael Hall tells how Ubuntu 12.04 is catering to App Developers to
make creating and distributing their applications as simple as
possible. He talks about the developer portal, and how it can not only
help developers get started writing their applications, but can also
make packaging and distributing them a piece of cake. The goal is for
Ubuntu 12.04 to be "a rich platform for app developers to target,"
where the Ubuntu Software Center has "the means of delivering those
apps directly to over 12 million users worldwide." As you would expect
with the communal spirit of the project, the community of app
developers is a great place to communicate with, and gain helpful tips
from, other developers, and will hopefully continue to grow through
this LTS release and beyond.


=== Ubuntu App Developer Blog: Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for March 2012 ===

The top 10 applications downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center,
both commercial and free, have been announced from the month of March.
Games like Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Uplink, and Oil Rush take
the top spots for paid apps, while Ryzom, a MMORPG, takes top place
for free applications. Digital magazines like Ubuntu User and Linux
Format are perhaps the most interesting items, given their new
inclusion in the software center.


=== Jono Bacon: The Importance Of Application Developers To Ubuntu ===

Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon points out the differences between
the developer community and the other communities associated with
Ubuntu. He highlights the importance of this community and discusses
ways of growing it.


=== David Wonderly: Kubuntu: Moving Forward ===

David Wonderly of Kubuntu gives a summary of recent changes to the
Kubuntu project, and discusses current concerns about use of the
Kubuntu trademark with the move of Kubuntu's sponsorship from
Canonical to Blue Systems.


=== Elizabeth Krumbach: The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Needs You ===

Elizabeth Krumbach of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter team gives an
update on progress the news team has made since her last update in
August and puts out another call to the community for summary writers
and editors.


=== Jorge Castro: The Eiffel Tower is in London. EDIT: I mean Paris.
EDIT: Improving User Support ===

On the topic of user support, Jorge Castro explains that "one of best
things you can do to improve the quality of the site is to get
information out of the user." Castro goes on to say that while this is
hard, one way to do this is by showing the person how to get the
information they need and goes on to explain how to use the AskUbuntu
mechanism for improving questions.


== In The Press ==

=== Ubuntu wants to be your cloud and data-center Linux ===

ZDNet correspondent  Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols takes a look at the
latest offering from Canonical called AWESOME (Any Web Service Over
Me) that makes it easy to deploy hybrid cloud workloads across both
Amazon and Openstack clouds in the attempt to become your cloud
solution of choice.


=== Is Canonical in ISV trouble? ===

ITWorld takes a deeper look at the recent blog post by Ubuntu
Community Manager, Jono Bacon, calling on the creation and development
of the developer community in Ubuntu contrasting it to the seeming
lack of development from Canonical with regards to the Linux kernel
and Gnome etc.


=== Ubuntu nominated in top 5 Linux distros ===

In a recent Life Hacker vote on the top Linux distros in regards to
ease-of-use, support, functionality, compatibility, and general mix of
features Ubuntu was one of the distros chosen in the top 5.


== In The Blogosphere ==

=== Ubuntu-Friendly HP Cloud Enters Public Beta ===

Christopher Tozzi, of the VAR Guy, points out that when HP launches
its Cloud platform in May, supported versions of Ubuntu will include
Ubuntu 10.04 through Ubuntu 11.10. Also included will be Debian
Squeeze and CentOS Versions 6.2 and 5.6. Tozzi also says, "HP promises
"to add support for more operating systems as our public cloud
offering evolves.""

Tozzi also adds, "More importantly, Ubuntu is the only distribution in
the lineup with direct commercial backing, since Debian and CentOS are
community projects with arguably less appeal to customers seeking paid
support offerings."


=== Ubuntu in The Wild: Huffington Post ===

OMG! Ubuntu! highlights another spotting of Ubuntu in the wild, this
time from The Huffington Post. In a recent feature of the 'Ten Best
Jobs in the US,' the image used is of a girl using Ubuntu on a
multi-monitor setup to illustrate the role of a Computer Systems


=== Sizing Up Canonical's Ubuntu One Service ===

Christopher Tozzi, of the VAR Guy reviews Ubuntu One and compares it
to the other file-syncing and streaming services.  In this article
Tozzi looks at what differentiates Ubuntu One from its competitors.


=== Ubuntu 12.04 Merchandise Goes on Sale ===

Joey Sneddon of OMG! Ubuntu! showcases the new merchandise centered
around the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 LTS which is now available in the
Ubuntu Shop. New and updated products include a branded flash drive
with the 12.04 live installer, stylish new bags, and the official
t-shirt for the cycle with the Precise Pangolin design on the front.


=== Ubuntu Powers Small-Business Desktops in Marseille ===

After sighting Ubuntu being used in an hotel in Marseille, France
earlier in the year Christopher Tozzi, the VAR Guy, takes a look at
several reasons why he believes Ubuntu is a viable solution for small


=== Ubuntu, Back Track Linux Appear On Indian TV Serial CID ===

Appearing in an Indian crime thriller, CID, Ubuntu has makes an
appearance in a this local Indian serial TV show.  Complete with
"computer experts" and "hackers" it looks like Ubuntu is being spotted
in "prime time" around the globe. The post includes screenshots of the
sightings and descriptions around what takes place in each scene.


=== OpenStack in Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS ===

Robbie Williamson, Director of Ubuntu Server Engineering at Canonical
writes on his blog, "With the release of Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
quickly approaching, the Ubuntu Server Team has been working extremely
hard on ensuring OpenStack Essex will be of high quality and tightly
integrated into Ubuntu Cloud."

Williamson also introduces the Ubuntu Cloud Achieve and takes time to
answer various questions, discusses backports, their plan for ensuring
stability and quality, and looks to the future of OpenStack support
and maintenance in 14.04.


== In Other News ==

=== Ubuntu 12.04 LTS certified on HP ProLiant servers: computing for
the hyperscale era ===

In a 19 April press release Canonical announced, "the imminent
certification and support of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, a leading Linux-based
server operating system, on select HP ProLiant servers. Ubuntu drivers
and management software delivered by HP will be included as part of HP
ProLiant hardware warranty support. This will include the latest HP
ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) servers."  On the same day as the press
release Mark Baker wrote on the Canonical blog what that really means,
and why Canonical is excited about this certification.
Baker concludes his post, "The resulting announcement of support for
Ubuntu on ProLiant (alongside other Linux platforms) is a signal to
organisations of all kinds that the IT landscape is changing."


=== Speakers confirmed for the Ubuntu Cloud Summit ===

In a Canonical blog post, Cezzaine Haigh, has confirmed the speakers
for the first Ubuntu Cloud Summit to be held on 8 May 2012 at the same
venue with the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) and includes:

 * Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu
 * Kyle MacDonald, Director of Cloud, Canonical
 * Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst & Co-founder, RedMonk
 * John Purrier, Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure, HP
 * Randy Bias, CTO, CloudScaling
 * Patrick Chanezon, Senior Director of Developer Relations, VMware
 * Robbie Williamson, Director of Ubuntu Server Engineering, Canonical

For those who want to participate in the Ubuntu Cloud Summit,
registration is still open and details can be found at:


== Other Articles of Interest ==

 * The Lesser Known Music Players For Linux -
 * Don't forget the newbies! -
 * Debian Project News - April 16th, 2012 -
 * An Interview With Linus Torvalds -
 * Best Linux apps for non-Gnome, non-KDE desktops -
 * Make your voice heard in the open standards debate -

== Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings ==

 * Kernel Team - April 17, 2012
 * QA Team - April 18, 2012 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings/QA/20120418
 * Desktop Team - April 17, 2012
 * Security Team - April 16, 2012

== Weekly Official Ubuntu Flavors Team Meetings ==

 * Lubuntu Team - April 18, 2012

== Upcoming Meetings and Events ==

For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at
fridge.ubuntu.com: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/

== Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 11.04 and 11.10 ==

=== Security Updates ===

 * [USN-1424-1] OpenSSL vulnerabilities -
 * [USN-1400-5] GSettings desktop schemas regression -

=== Ubuntu 8.04 Updates ===

 * openssl_0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.17_powerpc_translations.tar.gz-
 * virtualbox-ose-modules 24.0.15 -

=== Ubuntu 10.04 Updates ===

 * adobe-flashplugin -
 * acroread 9.5.1-1lucid1 -
 * flashplugin-nonfree-
 * inspircd 1.1.22+dfsg-4squeeze1build0.10.04.1	-
 * insserv 1.12.0-14ubuntu0.2 -
 * landscape-client 12.04.3-0ubuntu0.10.04 -
 * openssl_0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.10_sparc_translations.tar.gz-
 * chromium-browser 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 -
 * chromium-browser 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 -
 * libxi 2:1.3-3ubuntu0.1 -
 * ipsec-tools 1:0.7.1-1.6ubuntu1.1 -
 * haveged 0.9-1ubuntu1 -

=== Ubuntu 11.04 Updates ===

 * adobe-flashplugin -
 * acroread 9.5.1-1natty1 -
 * flashplugin-nonfree-
 * inspircd 1.1.22+dfsg-4squeeze1build0.11.04.1	-
 * insserv 1.14.0-2ubuntu0.11.04.2 -
 * landscape-client 12.04.3-0ubuntu0.11.04	-
 * openssl_0.9.8o-5ubuntu1.4_powerpc_translations.tar.gz-
 * chromium-browser	18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 -
 * chromium-browser	18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 -
 * autofs5 5.0.5-0ubuntu6.1 -

=== Ubuntu 11.10 Updates ===

 * adobe-flashplugin -
 * acroread 9.5.1-1oneiric1 -
 * flashplugin-nonfree -
 * inspircd 1.1.22+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1 -
 * dpkg -
 * insserv 1.14.0-2.1ubuntu0.2 -
 * update-manager 1: -
 * apt 0.8.16~exp5ubuntu13.3 -
 * landscape-client 12.04.3-0ubuntu0.11.10	-
 * openssl_1.0.0e-2ubuntu4.4_amd64_translations.tar.gz-
 * acpi-support 0.138.1 -
 * libxi 2:1.4.3-3ubuntu1.1 -

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