Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #199

Amber Graner akgraner at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 28 12:40:10 BST 2010

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 199 for the week June
20th - June 26th, 2010.

In the General Community News section we Welcome New Ubuntu Members,
invite you to attend Kubuntu Tutorials Day, introduce you to Milo
Casagrande as well as Steve Kowalik.  We also remind everyone that the
Debian Import Freeze is in effect, and invite users to participate in
the 100 Ubuntu Users project.

As always we include updates on the Ubuntu Stats that include: Bug
stats, Translation stats, and the 5 Brainstorm ideas from last week.

In LoCo News we bring you news from the LoCo Council that include
reminders about the upcoming LoCo team health check, LoCo Council
meeting dates, the new #locoteam hashtag and encouraging LoCo teams to
talk more.  We also are pleased to report that Country Info has been
added to the LoCo Directory.  There are also articles on how to
improve your LoCo and posts about various Ubuntu Hours and Geeknics.

In Launchpad News we help the LP team get the word out about Launchpad
being read-only on July 1st for about 90 minutes starying at 2300 UTC.
 There are also some Launchpad bug mail changes, and the Launchpad
teams asks Launchpad users to Take the Launchpad user survey!

Taking a look around Planet Ubuntu we have articles from Jono Bacon -
Unity Love, Sense Hofstede - Fix paper cuts, improve Ubuntu’s
usability, and Daniel Holbach: Weekly Update from Operation
Cleansweep.  Thats not all; Jorge Castro was busy blogging, and we
have the following from him in this issue: Debian Derivatives Front
Desk, Application Menu Status for 25 June, and Adopt an Upstream:
Victor Vargas. Martin Owens writes about the Free Culture Showcase
Gallery and Mike Rushton reviews FOSScon 2010.

In The Press includes a great article about The Spirit of Ubuntu, and
In The Blogosphere discusses The Future of Nautilus, Introduction to
Unity Launcher, Ubuntu 10.10 so far and
New Post-Release Repository For New Applications Starting With Ubuntu
10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

In Other News we have Open Invention Network Announces Associate
Member Program and Recruits Canonical As Its First Associate Member,
Canonical Sponsoring Akademy, Ubuntu One on mobile for Maverick, N900
vs Nexus One: a comparison and Full Circle Magazine Issue 38 is out.

The Featured Podcasts this week include the Ubuntu UK Podcast and At
Home with Jono Bacon.

For those who missed the Ubuntu Development Team Meetings we have
started including the minutes from the following: Desktop, Mobile,
Server, Kernel, Foundations and Release Teams.

Speaking of missing things - we hope you will take a look at the
Upcoming Meetings and Events and make sure you don't miss a thing.
Remember you can also find all the meetings and events on The Fridge
as well.  In addition to the Fridge calendar we now include the
upcoming sessions for #ubuntu-classroom as we don't want any of our
readers or community members to miss a single opportunity to

And as always we have our Updates and Security section.  We'll be
adding the 10.10 information as soon as it hits beta but in the
meantime we will continue to report the the following until EOL: 6.06,
8.04, 9.04, 9.10, and 10.04

Your continued support is very important to us so remember we want
hear from you.  Please send your questions, suggestions, comments, and
story ideas our way!

-- Your Ubuntu Weekly News Team

== In This Issue ==

 * Welcome New Ubuntu Members
 * Kubuntu Tutorials Day
 * Ubuntu Translations Interviews: Milo Casagrande (Italian Team)
 * Meet Steve Kowalik
 * Debian Import Freeze in effect
 * 100 Ubuntu Users Project announcement
 * Ubuntu Stats
 * LoCo Health Check
 * LoCo Teams Microblog Tag
 * Encouraging LoCo Teams to talk more
 * Country info in the LoCo Directory
 * You want to know why I am still amazed by the Ubuntu community? and
how to improve your loco?
 * Ubuntu Hour in Lake Forest #3
 * Geeknic and SF Ubuntu Hour
 * openSUSE conference looking for Ubuntu participation
 * Launchpad News
 * Unity Love
 * Fix paper cuts, improve Ubuntu’s usability
 * Weekly Update from Operation Cleansweep
 * Debian Derivatives Front Desk
 * Application Menu Status for 25 June
 * Adopt an Upstream: Victor Vargas
 * Free Culture Showcase Gallery
 * FOSScon 2010 followup
 * In The Press
 * In The Blogosphere
 * Open Invention Network Announces Associate Member Program and
Recruits Canonical   As Its First Associate Member
 * Canonical Sponsoring Akademy
 * Ubuntu One on mobile for Maverick
 * N900 vs Nexus One: a comparison
 * Full Circle Magazine Issue 38
 * Featured Podcasts
 * Ubuntu Development Team Weekly Meeting Minutes Links
 * Upcoming Meetings and Events
 * Updates and Security
 * and much much more!

== General Community News ==

=== Welcome New Ubuntu Members ===

The approval results from the May 28th Asia-Oceanic Membership meeting
are as follows:

YunQiang Su aka wzssyqa

 * https://launchpad.net/~wzssyqa
 * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YunQiangSu

YunQiang Su is an active member of the l10n community in China and
produces documentation to help new users in China. He is also working
to maintain a LUG at LiaoNing Technology University.

Mohamad Faizul Zulkifli aka piju

 * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/piju
 * https://launchpad.net/~mypiju

Piju is an active member of the l10n community and his LoCo in
Malaysia and is an is a keen ham radio operator. He is heavily
involved in the Ubuntu ham radio community and has manage to
succesfully combine his passions of Ubuntu and Ham radio. Look for his
blog all about Ham radio using Ubuntu on Planet Ubuntu soon.

Welcome to all of our new members!


=== Kubuntu Tutorials Day ===

Kubuntu Tutorials Day is back, and this time it's with special guest
star speakers.
In case you missed it in previous years (check out the logs, there's
some interesting sessions in there), Kubuntu Tutorials Day is a few
hours of interactive IRC sessions on topics around Kubuntu and KDE
development. If you've always wanted to get started in helping out
Kubuntu or programming in Qt this is the perfect opportunity.

Guest speakers
Johan Thelin, the author of best selling book "Foundations of Qt
Development" will be talking on Start Coding Qt. If you're going to
code Qt, best start by learning from the best.
Alan Alpert from Nokia will be running a session on Introduction to Qt
Quick and QML. Qt Quick is the exciting new way to program, centered
around design rather than code.

Here's the full programme:

 * 18:00UTC, Kubuntu Maverick: An exciting six months ahead, Jonathan Riddell
 * 19:00UTC, Introduction to Qt Quick and QML: The exciting new way of
developing applications, Alan Alpert, Nokia
 * 20:00UTC, Packaging and Merging with the Ninjas: How to make and
merge .deb packages, Rohan Garg (shadeslayer)
 * 21:00UTC, Start Coding Qt: Learn how to use the world's best GUI
toolkit, Johan Thelin (author of Foundations of Qt Development)
 * 22:00UTC, Beastie Hunting: Finding the important bugs amongst the
masses, Ralph Janke (txwikinger)
 * end of talks onwards, Kubuntu Q & A: Ask us anything you want to
know about Kubuntu and KDE, Kubuntu Team

Wednesday 7 July, 18:00UTC, #kubuntu-devel IRC channel on freenode

For more information on Kubuntu Tutorials Day go to:


=== Ubuntu Translations Interviews: Milo Casagrande (Italian Team) ===

Ubuntu is brought to users in their own language by a large community
of volunteer translators, who tirelessly work on localizing every part
of the operating system on every release. In this series of interviews
we’ll get to know who they are, about their language and how they
work. This week we’re introducing you to Milo Casagrande, the Italian
translation team coordinator.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about you and the language you help
translate Ubuntu into?

MC: I’m a Java developer by day, but always with my Ubuntu/GNOME/Linux
hat on. :-) I’m helping coordinate the Italian Ubuntu translation
team, and also helping translate Ubuntu into the beautiful romantic
language that is Italian.

Q: How and when did you become an Ubuntu translator?

MC: I started contributing to Ubuntu translations just after the Warty
release, at the time I was helping out with GNOME translations. When I
started contributing there wasn’t a real Italian team but soon after I
was contacted by Matthew East; we started to set up and structure a
team for that purpose.

Want to read more about what Milo has to say about translations and
the Italian LoCo team?  The full interview can be found at:


=== Meet Steve Kowalik ===

Matthew Revell interviews Steve Kowalik in this Launchpad interview.

Steve Kowalik recently joined the Soyuz part of the Launchpad team at
Canonical, so I asked him the, by now familiar, questions!

Matthew: What were you doing before you joined the Launchpad team?

Steve: I worked on the Ubuntu Mobile team for 2.5 years before
switching to the Launchpad team to work on Soyuz.

Matthew: Can we see something that you’ve worked on from that time?

Steve: You sure can. The images and large parts of the integration
work for Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 and Ubuntu Netbook Edition 9.10
were done by me. I was also responsible for image builds for the three
ARM sub-architectures for the 9.10 release.

Matthew: Where do you work?

Steve: I work from my apartment in Sydney, Australia.

Matthew: What did you do before working at Canonical?

Steve: I worked at a company in Burwood, NSW specializing in satellite
communications, and worked on supporting and developing their in-house
Debian-derived distribution.

To learn more about Steve and what else he had to say in this interview go to:


=== Debian Import Freeze in effect ===

Per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule, the Debian Import
Freeze is now in effect.  Please remember that if you are waiting for
bug fixes from Debian for [Maverick], you will now need to file your
sync requests explicitly.

For more information go to:


=== 100 Ubuntu Users Project announcement ===

Belinda Lopez has kicked off a great initiative to get 100 new Ubuntu
Users this cycle.  Here is a little about this effort and how you can

 * Project Overview

Based loosely on the 100 Papercuts concept lead by David Siegel of the
Design Team, this project aims to introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users in
this cycle. Project team members and individuals are encouraged to
each introduce Ubuntu to a new person and track that work on the team
or personal wiki. The number 100 was chosen b/c it is manageable, easy
to track and achievable by any dedicated team or person.

 * Project Design

Each team/person will create a wiki page with a table with 100 rows
with the following column titles:

Team Member | New User | Date Introduced | Notes (can include feedback
from the new user, observations, blog posts, links to pics, anything
but keep it short |

That's it! We just want a tangible way to show progress and activity,
doesn't need to be fancy or formal just help promote Ubuntu to new
users and let the world know about it. Once you reach 100, then we
start over or transition to another level of mentoring.

To find out more about this project and how you can participate go to:


== Ubuntu Stats ==

=== Bug Stats ===

 * Open (76949) -26 over last week
 * Critical (29) +/-0 over last week
 * Unconfirmed (37189) -38 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started,
please see  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad

=== Translation Stats Lucid ===

 1. English (United Kingdom) (0) -377 over last week
 2. Spanish (9476) -226 over last week
 3. Brazilian Portuguese (34924) -309 over last week
 4. French (38265) -864 over last week
 5. German (54450) -288 over last week

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx", see more
at: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/

=== Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week ===

 * Different icon for .deb packages - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25197/
 * Web Open Font Format - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25211/
 * logrotate compression increases disk I/O, energy and memory
consumption - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25228/
 * Sometimes I only want to arrange certain parts of my desktop not
all of it - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25195/
 * YORBA [Shotwell] MUST include 'random [aka shuffle]' option in
slideshow - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25199/

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add
your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or
against another idea. http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/

== LoCo News ==

=== LoCo Health Check ===

LoCo Health Check sessions on the 1st Tuesday of each month in
#ubuntu-locoteams. In this session if you have any queries from your
team or ideas you want to get some feedback on this would be a great
place to bring them up and chat to others in the community. The idea
is that we, the council, will add some topics we’d like to share with
the community or get feedback on.

For more information on the LoCo Health Check sessions or more about
the LoCo Council go to:


=== LoCo Teams Microblog Tag ===

Paul Tagliamonte announces a new hashtag when microblogging about LoCo
specific stuff.  Paul encourages everyone to use #locoteams for all
microblogging needs whether it be twitter, identi.ca, or status.net.

For more information on the use of #locoteams go to:


=== Encouraging LoCo Teams to talk more ===

Laura Czajkowski of the LoCo Council calls for more people to drop by
in #ubuntu-locoteams on IRC, chatting and meeting more people from all
other teams.  It helps bounce ideas off one another and get to know
others in the community.  This channel is open to everyone, a lot of
the LoCo Council hang out in here also so it’s a good place to start
if you want to talk to them on IRC.  Laura, like Paul in the article
above, also talks about the new #locoteams hashtag taking off.  She
reminds everyone to tweet/dent with the #locoteams about an idea or
when planning an event to let more people know the work you are
planning on doing.


=== Country info in the LoCo Directory ===

There is now a country list has been added into the LoCo Directory
that is shipped by the iso-codes package. So instead of a text field
where you type in which country your LoCo is from, you can pick it
from a list now.

The obvious benefit of this is, we don't have "USA", "US", "United
States", "United States of America", etc. or "United Kingdom", "UK",
etc. in all their variations in the database, but only one name and we
can more easily match teams, venues and events in the future, which
will make the LD more fun.

We also added continent info that will make the LD more usable in the

To find out more about this feature or how you can help with the LoCo
directory go to:


=== You want to know why I am still amazed by the Ubuntu community?
and how to improve your loco? ===

In this article, Christophe Sauthier, LoCo Council member, talks about
how to improve our Ubuntu LoCo communities. Christophe reminds the
community that the LoCo Council meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month
in #ubuntu-meeting on freenode.net; where there is a LoCo Council
meeting.  He also notes that the easiest way to contact the LoCo
Council is by using their mailing list: loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com.

If you want to know more about improving your LoCo team, or
communicating with the LoCo Council go to:


=== California Team: Ubuntu Hour in Lake Forest #3 ===

Curious to see about how some LoCo teams run an Ubuntu Hour.  Nathan
Haines of the California team posts their up and coming one that is to
be held in Lake Forest.  Here is how he describes the general idea for
an Ubuntu Hour - we meet up for an hour someplace public wearing a
visible Ubuntu Logo (clothing, sticker or something) and just chat for
an hour.

To check out Nathan Haines journal post to find out more about the
upcoming Ubuntu Hour, as well as ideas for hosting your own Ubuntu
Hour go to:


=== California Team: Geeknic and SF Ubuntu Hour ===

What is Geeknic?  Check out Elizabeth Krumbach's public journal where
she and her friend MJ go to Los Gatos, California for the second Bay
Area Geeknic. The very first Ubuntu Hour in San Francisco is also
blogged about.

For more information on Geeknics and Ubuntu Hours in the Bay area go to:


=== openSUSE conference looking for Ubuntu participation ===

The openSUSE folks are holding a conference in Nuremberg from 20-23
October. They are working on a "cross-pollination" type track at the
event, and would like to see participation from Ubuntu contributors:

"Basically the idea is to get multiple distros and upstream projects
under one roof and have an open discussion/meet with presentations,
talks, workshops and maybe even some hacking on common ground.  The
ultimate aim is to advance the Linux cause and promote some cross
project love.  The potential topics could be anything from a11y to
zealot handling.  Things that all projects suffer from and things that
the closed competition potentially do better.  If anyone from Ubuntu
would like to propose a talk, please do so by emailing cfp at

To find about more about this event and how you can get involved go to:


== Launchpad News ==

=== Launchpad read-only 23.00 UTC 1st July ===

Launchpad’s web interface will be read-only, with other aspects
offline, for around 90 minutes from 23.00 UTC on the 1st of July 2010.

This is to allow for the release of the latest Launchpad code.

Starts: 23.00 UTC 1st July 2010

Expected back online: 00.30 UTC 2nd July 2010

For more information go to:


=== Launchpad bug mail changes ===

Brian Murray discusses one of the changes he is making as he does a
rotation with the Launchpad bugs team.  Brian states, "I am currently
working on a Launchpad Enhancement Proprosal dealing with improved bug
notifications and subscriptions. As a part of this work I thought I’d
work on an easy bug about modifying the string in a new bug message to
say “You have been assigned” instead of “You have been subscribed”.
This ended up being more complicated than I had initially thought
because there are actually multiple issues in that report and I had to
learn the email notification system. But this makes the fix that much
more rewarding."

To find out more about this change/fix go to:


=== Take the Launchpad user survey! ===

There are all sorts of different ways in which we in Canonical’s
Launchpad team keep in touch with people who use Launchpad: informal
conversations on IRC, attending Ubuntu Developer Summits, formal user
research and so on.

We want to hear from as many people who use Launchpad as possible. To
help get there, I’ve created a survey with five questions. Tell us
what you like about Launchpad, what you don’t and what sort of work
you do in Launchpad:

To Take the Launchpad user survey go to:


== The Planet ==

=== Jono Bacon: Unity Love ===

If you have been wanting to check out the new Unity UI from the Ubuntu
Netbook Edition, Jono Bacon shows off a very impressive looking screen
shot at his blog. Install instructions are also posted.

To download, see the screenshot or for more information go to:


=== Sense Hofstede: Fix paper cuts, improve Ubuntu’s usability ===

The One Hundred Paper Cuts is a projects with the goal of polishing
Ubuntu and getting rid of small pesky issues that could interfere with
an overall smooth user experience.  100 is the goal for this cycle,
but last cycle 103 were addressed.  If you're looking for a way to
help improve the usability of Ubuntu, then this article is a must

More information on improving Ubuntu's usability go to:


=== Daniel Holbach: Weekly Update from Operation Cleansweep ===

For those of you who are actively watching and participating in
Operation Cleansweep here are this weeks stats:

We’re at 14% now, but we need help. Join Operation Cleansweep today.

Last week saw these changes:
 * Total bugs with patches: 2270 (-5)
 * Reviewed patches: 310 (+20)

 * Bugs with ‘patch-needswork’: 80 (+3)
 * Bugs with ‘patch-forwarded-upstream’: 119 (+11)
 * Bugs with ‘patch-forwarded-debian’: 33 (+6)
 * Bugs with ‘indicator-application’: 44 (0)
 * Bugs with ‘patch-accepted-upstream’: 48 (-2)
 * Bugs with ‘patch-accepted-debian’: 12 (0)
 * Bugs with ‘patch-rejected-upstream’: 11 (-1)
 * Bugs with ‘patch-rejected-debian’: 1 (+1)

To find out more about Operation Cleansweep and how you can get involved go to:


=== Jorge Castro: Debian Derivatives Front Desk ===

Debian has initiated a new group known as the Debian Derivatives Front
Desk. The purpose of this group is to assist developers of Debian
Derivative distributions to contribute their changes back to Debian.
This group is meant to assist developers and contributors alike.

For more information and links to get involved go to.


=== Jorge Castro: Application Menu Status for 25 June ===

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