The Ubuntu Manual Team call for help

Benjamin Humphrey humphreybc at
Fri Apr 2 01:02:08 BST 2010

Hi everyone,

The Ubuntu Manual Team urgently needs help translating the manual and taking
screenshots in time for Lucid. We have three weeks to get the manual in as
many languages as possible (currently we have support for 50) and to get
2500 screenshots. We've made it really easy to help and it's definitely
going to a great cause.

If you've got a blog or use Facebook, or Twitter, or are part of a LoCo
community, please spread the word and help us. We have the infastructure in
place to handle hundreds of contributors and we've done a tonne of work to
make it this far - now we need you and a bit of your time.

See this post for more information, and use it as a template to re-post on
your blogs, planets, Facebook etc.

you so much, the help is VERY much appreciated.

Benjamin Humphrey

Ubuntu Manual Team Lead
Dunedin, New Zealand
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