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Mon May 11 02:30:56 BST 2009

><br><br>=3D=3D In The Press =3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D Android Applications o=
n Ubuntu =3D=3D=3D<br><br>The Linux Loop reports from the Ubuntu Developer=
=92s Summit where the plans for Karmic Koala should be roughly defined for =
implementation over the next four months. One of the things that was discus=
sed is support for running Android applications on Ubuntu. This is an inter=
esting possibility, since it could allow for a vast library of interesting =
applications designed for mobile use to be used on Ubuntu computers, and mo=
st importantly those running Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Android stands a chance =
of really taking off, due to its open-source foundation and powerful backin=
g from Google. There will undoubtedly be a huge library of incredible appli=
cations, both free and for pay, that will make the Android experience what =
it is. If Android applications could be run directly on Ubuntu, that would =
give Ubuntu a boost from whatever attention Android gets. <a href=3D"http:/=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Dell Studio XPS 13: Now With Ubuntu 8.10 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>The=
 Linux Loop notes that Dell has begun shipping their Studio XPS 13 with Ubu=
ntu 8.10. It&#39;s interesting that instead of listing the Ubuntu version o=
nly on the special Ubuntu page, Ubuntu is an option, like with Dell=92s net=
books, on the normal Studio XPS 13 page. This is great, since it means that=
 Dell is putting Ubuntu where more people will see it. It=92s good to see a=
nother computer from Dell offered with Ubuntu. <a href=3D"http://www.linuxl=">http://www=</a><=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Canonical support =3D=3D=3D<br><br>Yann Hamon of Oxford Archa=
eology reports that they&#39;ve been paying customers of Canonical support =
for almost a year, and he takes a look back to see if it was worth it, what=
 worked well, and what could be improved. Hamon says, &quot;We purchased su=
pport from Canonical to ensure that our road will never be blocked by an un=
surmountable bug - and to know that we have a company guaranteeing that the=
 software we deploy will actually work as expected, and that commits itself=
 to fixing it if it doesn&#39;t.&quot; Hamon reports that the support quali=
ty is pretty good. He usually gets an answer the next day, and the people t=
here are friendly and qualified. Not-so-basic questions on how to use the s=
ystems are answered quickly and in a professional manner. &quot;I am global=
ly very satisfied with the level of support I am getting - I know I have a =
bunch of very capable people who would help me whenever I got a question, o=
r who would spend time fixing a bug for me - which is something I may somet=
imes not be able to do myself.&quot; <a href=3D"http://blogs.thehumanjourne=">

<br>=3D=3D=3D Review: System76 Pangolin Performance laptop =3D=3D=3D<br><br=
>Jack of <a href=3D""></a> reviews the System76 =
Pangolin Performance laptop, and he admits that when the boxes arrived from=
 System76 he was naturally sceptical. &quot;The last Linux-based laptop I r=
eviewed showed some promise until very quickly the weakness of the hardware=
 reared its ugly head. Fortunately, with the Pangolin Performance, I was ha=
ppily surprised.&quot; Jack feels that the user can be confident that what =
they purchase from System76 will work for them and work well. The elegant c=
ombination of Ubuntu 9.04 and the graceful look and feel of the Pangolin Pe=
rformance laptop make a combination you can not go wrong with. &quot;Of all=
 the Linux-based hardware companies I have ever dealt with, System76 gets t=
he highest recommendation I could offer.&quot; <a href=3D"http://www.ghacks=

<br>=3D=3D=3D More Details on Ubuntu One Integration =3D=3D=3D<br><br>The L=
inux Loops notes that the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Karmic Koala has give=
n us a few more details on its integration with Karmic Koala. There are pla=
ns to include at least the main requirements for the Ubuntu One software in=
 Karmic. The more interesting part is what Ubuntu One might be able to do. =
There is apparently some discussion about address book synchronization, whi=
ch seems quite logical. There are also mentions of syncing Tomboy notes, sy=
ncing bookmarks, and backing up flash drives. The details on Ubuntu One=92s=
 real uses are still emerging, but it looks like it has the potential to be=
 a really useful service and more than a Dropbox clone. <a href=3D"http://w=">h=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Linux New Media Launches Ubuntu User Magazine =3D=3D=3D<br><b=
r>Linux Magazine reports that Canonical&#39;s popular Ubuntu operating syst=
em continues to win followers around the world, and Ubuntu User is the firs=
t print magazine specifically for this rapidly growing audience. &quot;Ubun=
tu is popular with software developers and IT professionals, but it is also=
 a hit with hobbyists and other desktop users who are looking for an altern=
ative to Microsoft Windows and don&#39;t want the restrictive hardware poli=
cies of Apple,&quot; says Joe Casad, Editor in Chief of Ubuntu User. In add=
ition to reviews, interviews, community news, How``To articles, troubleshoo=
ting tips, and in-depth technical articles, Ubuntu User includes a helpful =
Discovery Guide for readers who are new to the world of Ubuntu. A free DVD =
included with each issue of Ubuntu User provides an easy way for users to u=
pgrade to the latest version. Linux New Media CEO Brian Osborn said, =93Ubu=
ntu is popular around the world, and it&#39;s a great fit for us editoriall=
y. I couldn&#39;t imagine a better match.&quot; Ubuntu community members Mi=
ke Basinger and Nick Ali have also contributed to Ubuntu User magazine, whi=
ch is shipping now to news-stands worldwide. <a href=3D"http://www.linux-ma=">http:=

<br>=3D=3D In The Blogosphere =3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D Canonical Begins Ubun=
tu Server Edition Training =3D=3D=3D<br><br>Blogger Joe Panettieri from Wor=
ks``With``U gives us an update on what is happening with the Ubuntu Server =
Edition Training program. He spoke with Billy Cina, Canonical&#39;s Trainin=
g Programmes Manager, and she told him, &quot;We had the first beta run of =
the server course and it went very well.&quot; Panettieri also inquired wit=
h Cina if they will be introducing training for Landscape and was told, &qu=
ot;Landscape is part of the Ubuntu Certified Professional and Server course=
s.&quot; Cina also noted that Canonical and the Linux Professional Institut=
e (LPI) are offering a special promotion on Ubuntu exams. Ubuntu 9.04 has b=
een tested to run on 45 different server configurations from Dell, Hewlett-=
Packard, IBM, Lenovo, Sun Microsystems and other server makers, notes Canon=
ical CEO Mark Shuttleworth. Canonical is also expected to announce a closer=
 working relationship with the HP Pro``Liant server team within weeks. <a h=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Canonical=92s Ubuntu to Support Google Android? =3D=3D=3D<br>=
<br>Blogger Joe Panettieri from Works``With``U informs us of Canonical&#39;=
s netbook team&#39;s plan to show Google Android applications running on Ub=
untu during the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Google Android now runs on 1 milli=
on to 2 million smart phones and other mobile devices, estimates Newsfactor=
, and Strategy Analytics predicts that sales will grow 900 percent in 2009 =
vs. 2008. Android will be a key topic of discussion at UDS =97 an event whe=
re Canonical and attendees will focus mainly on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) =
development goals. According to an Ubuntu Lo``Co Team member who plans to a=
ttend UDS, at least three sessions at the Barcelona event will focus on And=
roid compatibility and strategies. Adds a source close to Canonical, referr=
ing to the Ubuntu-Android work: =93We=92ll share some screen shots/demos [a=
t UDS]. I have no comment on it though =97 it=92s just something we=92re pl=
aying around with, which is what UDS is about.=94 <a href=3D"http://www.wor=">http://=</=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Linux Netbook Reviews: What The Wall Street Journal Missed =
=3D=3D=3D<br><br>Joe Panettieri of Works``With``U presents his option of th=
e Wall Street Journal&#39;s review of multiple Linux netbooks running Ubunt=
u, Mi, and Moblin Linux. &quot;Overall, I think the review offers fair, bal=
anced coverage of what=92s right =97 and wrong =97 with the Linux netbook m=
arket today.&quot; The Journal made some fair points, noting that the Linux=
 netbooks had compatibility problems with external devices. What concerns P=
anettieri is the statement, &quot;Since a Windows XP version of the Dell Mi=
ni 10 sells for the same price as the Ubuntu, I can=92t see a compelling re=
ason to choose the Ubuntu option.&quot; Panettieri feels that this statemen=
t is short sighted, and argues that the total cost of ownership for system =
running Ubuntu is much lower than one running Windows XP. &quot;I=92ve run =
Ubuntu on desktops, notebooks and netbooks with Open``Office for two years.=
 And I can=92t recall experiencing a security headache or paying for securi=
ty software. Too bad the Journal overlooked this TCO issue.&quot; <a href=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu AppStore in the workings ? =3D=3D=3D<br><br>Stefano Fo=
renza says that we live in some cool times. &quot;Everybody=92s up creating=
 an App``Store of some kind. After Apple brought out the concept, Nokia, Mi=
crosoft and even Sun are hurrying up putting together their ones.&quot; Man=
y Open Source supporters have noted again and again, as have many Mac users=
, that Linux repositories are pretty much the equivalent of an App``Store. =
There=92s some ground to fill, as Apple&#39;s App``Store has some end user =
features that Linux equivalents lack. Forenza tells us that a Launchpad blu=
eprint for a project codenamed App``Center has been taken in consideration =
and the related wiki page has been given some attention during the past mon=
ths. Canonical employee Matthew Paul Thomas commented, &quot;This is a mult=
i-release project. Our goal is to have a version 1.0 of the application rea=
dy to feature in Ubuntu 9.10, but exactly how much it will do remains to be=
 seen.&quot; <a href=3D"

<br>=3D=3D=3D ZaReason Preparing Ubuntu Server, Netbook=A0 =3D=3D=3D<br><br=
>Joe Panetteri of Works``With``U relays recent conversations with Za``Reaso=
n CEO Cathy Malmrose about the European expansion, a new tower server model=
, netbook, and the new Partimus initiative. Malrose relates an overall appr=
oval from the Za``Reason customer base for the Ubuntu 9.04 release, with on=
ly minor problems mostly relating to Flash.=A0 Malrose describes the new Pa=
rtimus pathway, &quot;I can announce our current initiative =97 we are sett=
ing up the framework for Partimus (which means =93we share=94 in Latin) to =
function as a donation center to connect nearly new laptops and desktops wi=
th new owners who can show obvious need for the assistance. The Partimus CT=
O, Maile Urbancic, helps run university housing at the University of Califo=
rnia at Berkeley and through her work she has seen many impoverished studen=
ts, especially graduate students, who would benefit greatly from a laptop t=
hat could help them through a few years of school. &quot;On my side, I have=
 seen inventory go unused, depreciating every day that it sits on our shelv=
es. Laptops that are used for shows, demo models and other lightly used sys=
tems can be donated to people who could put them to good use.&quot; Za``Rea=
son official announcements for the tower server and the netbook are forthco=
ming, as well as the Partimus branch for gently used systems. Thank you Joe=
 Paneterri for opening a window into the future of Za``Reason. <a href=3D"h=

<br>=3D=3D In Other News =3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu-UK Podcast: The Lon=
g Game =3D=3D=3D<br><br>Laura Cowen, Ciemon Dunville, Tony Whitmore, Dave W=
alker (and a bit of Alan Pope) present the latest mammoth episode of the Ub=
untu Podcast from the UK Local Community Support Team.<br>

<br>In this week&#39;s show:-<br><br>=A0* What we&#39;ve been doing this we=
ek including ADSL woes, Drupal upgrades and having your head in the clouds.=
<br>=A0* We discuss whether we should exclusively use Free (as in speech) w=
eb services and formats, and whether it&#39;s more important to be inclusiv=
e than to use solely Free services.<br>

=A0* The News<br>=A0 * Adopt a line of Miro code<br>=A0 * Ex-Microsoft code=
r says Linux will win<br>=A0 * Android applications running on Ubuntu<br>=
=A0 * Dell stick with 8.04 LTS for their latest netbook<br>=A0 * Landscape =
v1.3 can manage Amazon EC2 cloud machines<br>

=A0 * Wikimedia move Wikipedia to a Creative Commons licence<br>=A0* We ann=
ounce some upcoming events:-<br>=A0 * June 12th to the 14th - Owen Sound, C=
anada, Writing Open Source<br>=A0 * June 13th - Clemson, South Carolina, So=
uth East Linux Fest<br>

=A0 * June 19th &amp; 20th - New York, New York, Open Video Conference<br>=
=A0 * June 28th to July 4th - Birmingham, UK, Euro``Python 2009<br>=A0 * Ju=
ly 20th - Nottingham, UK, Open Source Schools Unconference<br>=A0 * Septemb=
er 19th - All around the world, Software Freedom Day<br>

=A0 * October 24th - Newhampton arts centre, Wolverhampton, UK, LUGRadio Li=
ve 2009<br>=A0* We have an interview with the lovely Daniel Holbach about h=
is work with the Ubuntu community and get his advice on packaging applicati=

=A0* We announce the winners of episode four&#39;s competition to get Ubunt=
u One invites<br>=A0* We start a fantastic new competition to win entry to =
three days of Europython 2009 including two nights of accommodation. Email =
<a href=3D"mailto:competition at">competition at</a> =
with your answer before Sunday 7th June 2009<br>

=A0* We delve into the Ubuntu Ecosphere (or &quot;Gerald&quot;, as we calle=
d it this episode)<br>=A0 * Oxford Archeology talk about their experiences =
with Canonical support<br>=A0 * The future of Edubuntu<br>=A0 * Developing =
the security advisory UI for WINE applications<br>

=A0 * The new Ubuntu User Magazine<br>=A0* And finally we cover your emails=
, tweets and dents since our last show<br><br>Comments and suggestions are =
welcomed to: <a href=3D"mailto:podcast at">podcast at
</a> .<br>

Up to 30 seconds of voicemail can be left at +44 (0) 845 508 1986 .<br>Foll=
ow our twitter feed <a href=3D"">
uupc</a> .<br>Follow us on <a href=3D"">http=
://</a> .<br>

Find our Facebook Fan Page <a href=3D"
81495708</a> .<br>Discuss this episode in the Forums <a href=3D"http://uk.u="></a> .<br>

<br><a href=3D"
>=3D=3D=3D Linux Mint 7 Is Based on Ubuntu 9.04 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>Softpedia =
reports that, Clement Lefebvre and the community behind the Linux Mint proj=
ect, have proudly announced the availability of the Linux Mint 7 (codename =
Gloria) operating system. &quot;Linux Mint 7 is based on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunt=
y Jackalope) and it is powered by Linux kernel 2.6.28, 7.4 and GNOME =
2.26.1.&quot; New and breathtaking features include new artwork, updated ap=
plications, Moonlight/Silverlight support, and the Mint menu system. Linux =
Mint Universal Edition, a customized version of Gloria, is also available a=
s a Live DVD. The Live DVD offers support for many languages, as well as th=
e out-of-the-box readiness to play all media file types including mp3 and F=
lash video.<br>

<br><a href=3D"
on-Ubuntu-9-04-112620.shtml</a><br><br>=3D=3D Meeting Summaries =3D=3D<br><=
br>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu Governance =3D=3D=3D<br>

=3D=3D=3D=3D MOTU Council =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* MOTU Council &#39;Call&#39; =
2009-05-06<br>=A0 * Attendees: Daniel Holbach, Michael Bienia, Jonathan Dav=
ies, Soren Hansen, Emmet Hikory<br>=A0 * Current Applicants: Li Daobing (UC=
D), James Westby (core-dev), Jo Shields (MOTU), hyperair (UCD)<br>

=A0=A0 * hyperair has not provided 1-week review period, will be encouraged=
 to select a later meeting.<br>=A0 * Rescheduling of the MOTU Council weekl=
y meeting<br>=A0* After some great work on the Ibus input method packages (=
among other things), Li Daobing joined the Contributing Developers.<br>

=A0* The MOTU Council unanimously decided to recommend James Westby for Cor=
e Developer membership.<br>=A0* Jo Shields&#39; work in Ubuntu&#39;s and De=
bian&#39;s Mono world paid off: Jo joined the MOTU team. :-)<br>=A0* MOTU C=
ouncil &#39;Call&#39; 2009-05-13<br>

=A0 * Attendees: Michael Bienia, Jonathan Patrick Davies, Daniel Holbach, R=
ichard Johnson.<br>=A0 * Current Applicants: Chow Loong Jin (hyperair): Con=
tributing Developer, Charlie Smotherman (porthose): Per-package Uploader, S=
tefan Lesicnik (stefanlsd): MOTU.<br>

=A0 * Ongoing discussion of new meeting times.<br><br>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu LoCo=
 Teams =3D=3D=3D<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Asturian Team =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0 * May 16=
 2009: Install Party in Xix=F3n / Asturies.<br><br>=A0=A0 * Newspapers: <a =
tp://</a> (La Voz d=
e Asturias) and <a href=3D"
b.jpg</a> (La Nueva Espa=F1a)<br>

<br>=A0=A0 * Pictures <a href=3D"
ba273_o.jpg</a>, <a href=3D"
_o.jpg</a>, <a href=3D"
g</a>, <a href=3D"
, and <a href=3D"

<br>=A0 * May 14 2009: Talk in the Asturian Letters Day, hosted by Xunta po=
la Defensa de la Llingua Asturiana.<br><br>=A0=A0 * Pictures <a href=3D"htt=
p://">http://farm4.=</a> and <a href=3D"http:=

<br>=A0 * May 10 2009: Talk for asturian language students.<br><br>=A0=A0 *=
 Pictures <a href=3D"
/a>, <a href=3D"
.jpg"></a>, =
and <a href=3D"

<br><br>=A0* May 15 2009: Meeting Chat: <a href=3D"
_meeting_ubuntu-ast_log</a> (Log)<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Cameroonian Team =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>* Attendance to G-Sept (<=
a href=3D""=
></a>) (Uni=
versity of Douala) between 25th and 30th May 2009<br>

=A0 * Photos: <a href=3D"
br>=A0 * Article: <a href=3D"

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Chilean Team =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Jaunty Jackalope Release=
 Party (May 2nd, Santiago)<br>=A0 * Barbacue and beer. On Flickr: <a href=

=A0* IRC Meeting (May 3rd, #ubuntu-cl)<br>=A0 * <a href=3D"https://wiki.ubu=">
am/Reuniones/2009-05-03</a><br>=A0* Council Jaunty Jackalope/Karmic Koala E=
lection (May 4th-28th)<br>

=A0 * May 4th-11th Candidates Postulation.<br>=A0 * May 18th-22nd Election =
(First Phase).<br>=A0 * May 26th-28th Second Phase <a href=3D"https://edge.=">https://edge.launchpad.=

=A0 * May 28th New Council elected! :)<br>=A0* IRC Grupo``Foro Meeting (May=
 14th, #ubuntu-cl): <a href=3D"

=A0* New Forum Chilean Team :) (May 17th)<br>=A0 * <a href=
rg/forumdisplay.php?f=3D362</a><br>=A0 * New Mail List campaign: &quot;Ubun=
tuforums en nuestro idioma&quot; (<a href=3D"

=A0* IRC Meeting (May 26th, #ubuntu-cl)<br>=A0 * <a href=3D"https://wiki.ub=">
eam/Reuniones/2009-05-26</a><br>=A0* Marketing material and Junta Ubuntera =

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Danish Team =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Held our annual community=
 meeting and elected Lo``Co-leadership for the next year.<br>=A0* Started p=
lanning for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala release party, with 3 suggestions for =
focus.<br>=A0 * Community-minded - The Lo``Co gets together, socialises and=
 make plans for the time to come.<br>

=A0 * &quot;Spread the word&quot; - Focus on the Danish family and their OS=
 needs. Trying to spread the word of Ubuntu to the standard Danish family.<=
br>=A0 * Corporate event - Focus on getting business and corporate attendee=
s, to tell them how Ubuntu can strengthen their business.<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Greek Team =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Participated in Greek FOSS=
 Communities Conference (Fosscomm 2009) (<a href=3D"">htt=
p://</a>) with a presentation (<a href=3D"">ht=

=A0* Released 4th issue (<a href=3D""><=
/a>) of the team&#39;s online magazine Ubuntistas (<a href=3D"http://ubunti="></a>).<br>=A0* Added web chat (<a href=3D"http=
://"></a>) in our website,=
 connecting to our irc channel.<br>

=A0* Configured a supybot for the #ubuntu-gr channel with localized factoid=
s and some more functions.<br><br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Japanese Team =3D=3D=3D=
=3D<br>=A0* Our team members talked about our activity and Ubuntu community=
 in ASCII Mediaworks&#39; interview. This is described on a magazine &quot;=
Sakusaku Ubuntu!&quot; published on 27th May.<br>

=A0* Fumihito Yoshida wrote an article &quot;HP MIE Review&quot; for a Japa=
nese local magazine &quot;Software Design&quot;.<br>=A0* Ikuya Awashiro wro=
te an article &quot;Ubuntu 9.04 Tettei Kaibou&quot; for a Japanese local ma=
gazine &quot;ASCII.technologies&quot;.<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Romanian Team =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Apr 30 2009: Releasing =
Kiwi Linux 9.04 (<a href=3D"">http://kiwil=</a>), based on Ubuntu 9.04. Full release notes (<a hr=

=A0* May 19 2009 the release of the Ubuntu for Romania (<a href=3D"http://w=">
/stiri/lansare-ubuntu-9.04-pentru-romania</a>), a localized version based o=
n Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. The installation CD is localised into Roman=
ian and holds the majority of the default Ubuntu applications. The disk has=
 specific network conectivity applications and legal restricted multimedia =
codecs to ease the transition of the new users to the Ubuntu operating syst=

=A0* There were several Jaunty release parties in cities around the country=
<br>=A0 *Release party Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope in Cluj Napoca (<a href=
Ubuntu-9.04-Cluj-Napoca</a>). After the usual presentation of the operating=
 sistem, the audience and the organizers talked about:<br>

=A0=A0 * Organising the local Ubuntu comunity<br>=A0=A0 * The help and supp=
ort offered by the local Ubuntu comunity<br>=A0=A0 * The statistics regardi=
ng the use of the Ubuntu operating system in Romania<br>=A0=A0 * The means =
and the methods that should be used to increase the number of the events he=
ld by the local comunity<br>

=A0=A0 * The usual group pictures can be found here (<a href=3D"http://soft=;subgalleria=3D=

=A0 *Release party Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope in Arad (<a href=3D"http://=">
</a>)<br>=A0 *Release party Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope in Targu Mures (<a=
ease-un-succes-la-targu-mures</a>) report: almost 25 people were present an=
d this time we had some great discussions and beer talk. We also did some s=
erious presentations like what is new in jaunty jack (<a href=3D"http://lug=
LrvYJNKL54AeC-ncxEZ4rCAxOtc9DB4LrTGu1iLHeqhw4ZZRj3RjJ_-A</a>) : new gnome, =
new kde, new qt browser like arora or development IDE like qt creator, I al=
so showed the new firefox 3.5 ( abrowser 3.5), quassel, gwibber (microblogg=
ing client), firebird 2.1.x and some extensive discussion about ext4 crash-=
ing and it&#39;s amazing speed (<a href=3D"

=A0=A0 *Emil Cheriches (<a href=3D"
arty.html</a>) presented the cool stuff on the server side like: eucalyptus=
 (aka EC2 at home), dovecot, ext4 and ufw/apparmour and mysql 5.1.<br>

=A0=A0 *Some cool pictures (<a href=3D"
lery&amp;g2_itemId=3D1670</a> or <a href=3D"
omania&amp;undersubgalleria=3DJaunty%20Release%20Party%20Mures</a>) were sh=
ot at the event by Emil; also we had some great guests like Paul Nasca (<a =
href=3D"">http://zynaddsubfx=</a>) who did some crazy dj-ing demos with zyn=
addsubfx (<a href=3D"">http://zynaddsubf=</a>)<br>

=A0=A0 *Adi Roiban (<a href=3D""></=
a>) and Stas Sushkov (<a href=3D"">
</a>) were present to the event (they came from Cluj Napoca only for this) =
and it was great to discuss the Romanian Team priorities<br>

=A0=A0 *We had mentions (<a href=3D"
.html</a>) in local press. The announcement in Hungarian language is here <=
a href=3D""></a> And yes we=
 are on front page on <a href=3D""></a> <a href=3D=

=A0=A0 *Other notes in blogosphere: There is a note on infoms website (<a h=
/</a>)<br>=A0* The loc=
al team was reprezented to the Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope release party i=
n Moldova (<a href=3D"">http://stas.n=</a>). The pictures can be found here (<a href=3D"=;subgalleria=3D2009-=

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Russian Teams =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D The Team=
 =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Team tools has been organized at <a href=3D"https:=
//"></a>:<br>=A0 * The working groups a=
s subgroups of ~ubuntu-ru (<a href=3D"

=A0 * Mailing lists for the working groups;<br>=A0 * Ubuntu-ru meta-project=
 (<a href=3D"">
ru</a>);<br>=A0 * Bug tracker (<a href=3D"
-ru"></a>) to organize work processes, =
for status monitoring and troubleshooting;<br>

=A0 * Dedicated forum section (<a href=3D"
board=3D44.0"></a>) to discuss=
 ongoing work.<br>=A0* The formation of local area teams was initiated. Tea=
m reports are below.<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Translations =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Full Circle magazi=
ne (<a href=3D""></a>=
) #24 in Russian has been issued.<br>=A0* Translation of Ubuntu Desktop Cou=
rse is at the alpha stage now. See details on the project page: <a href=3D"=">

=A0* Ubuntu Desktop Tour for 9.04 has been translated. To be published on t=
he site soon.<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Resources =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* The =
new code (<a href=3D"">http=
://</a>) for IRC support channel, =
#ubuntu-ru, has been introduced.<br>

=A0* Hard work on the wiki server for the Russian documentation: <a href=3D=
""></a>.<br>=A0* Security probl=
ems that had led to a long interruption (<a href=3D"
um"></a>) in the work of the Russian-speaking foru=
m (<a href=3D""></a>) has bee=
n overcome: Upgrade to SMF 1.1.9.<br>

=A0* Jabber conference, <a href=3D"mailto:ubuntu at">ubun=
tu at</a>, has been recognized as the official channel of=
 Russian-speaking support.<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Moscow Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=
=3D<br>=A0* Release Party for users from Moscow on the day Ubuntu 9.04 rele=
ase has been organized. On the meeting the question was raised on organizat=
ion of the user conferences. All attendees agreed that there is a need for =
more informative meetings aimed to all Ubuntu, Windows, and other Linux dis=
tributions users.<br>

=A0* New ways of Ubuntu distribution in Moscow and Moscow region has been p=
roposed (<a href=3D"">http:=
//</a>).<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Sa=
int Petersburg Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>

=A0* Ubuntu Install Fest (<a href=3D"
82%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B1%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B3%D0%B5/</a>) dedicated to release of =
Jaunty has been organized. Information is also available at <a href=3D"http=

=A0* An organizational meeting was held to form the structure of the St. Pe=
tersburg Lo``Co Team.<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Novosibirsk Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=
=3D<br>=A0* The structure of the Novosibirsk Ubuntu users group has been fo=
rmed (<a href=3D"

=A0* Channels of communication has been organized:<br>=A0 * Jabber conferen=
ce <a href=3D"mailto:linuxnsk at">linuxnsk at</a>;<br>=A0 * IRC channel #ubuntu-ru-nsk on Freenode;<br>=A0 * Sit=
e: <a href=3D""></a>.<br>

=A0* Goals and objectives of the group has been set at the organizational m=
eeting.<br>=A0* Preparations for the Ubuntu Install``Fest.<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=
=3D=3D Kuban Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* A Release Party, combined with th=
e regular meeting of the group (report: <a href=3D"http://kub-ubuntu.benefi=">http://kub-ubuntu.benefi=</a> and photos: <a href=

=A0* A project to create a remote interactive courses for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (=
discussion: <a href=3D"
 has been started.<br>

=A0* Kuban Team site: <a href=3D"">http://ku=</a>.<br>=A0* Ubuntu 9.04 has been downloaded and dis=
tributed. We also continue to distribute and support LTS version, providing=
 monthly repository updates for it.<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Saratov Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Participation in S=
arLUG (<a href=3D""></a>) meeti=
ngs (photos: <a href=3D"

=A0 * The initial introduction and presentation of the Russian Ubuntu Lo``C=
o Team;<br>=A0 * The distribution of CD and DVD versions of Ubuntu Linux 9.=
04;<br>=A0 * Discussion of advantages and conveniences of Ubuntu over other=

=A0 * Ubuntu 9.04 LiveDVD has been successfully tested on MacBook (Intel) -=
 exciting experiment;<br>=A0 * Discussion of new technologies: netbooks and=
 other portable computers and Linux platforms for them, 3D - desktop effect=
s and games, delta updates (to appear in Fedora 11), and other topics.<br>

=A0* Interaction with the Saratov Linux Center (<a href=3D"http://linux-sar="></a>):<br>=A0 * Searching for business an=
d PR ideas to promote Ubuntu;<br>=A0 * Rubuntu (<a href=3D"http://linux-sar=">
ubuntu-en.php</a>) distribution has been build.<br>

=A0* Active participation in projects of Russian Ubuntu Lo``Co Team.<br><br=
>=3D=3D=3D=3D United States Teams =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D US Te=
ams Project =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Team Meeting 5 May (<a href=3D"https://=">

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Chicago Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* Jaunty Release Par=
ty<br>=A0 * Held at the Illinois Institute of Design on Saturday, April 25t=
h<br>=A0 * Approximately 15 people in attendance<br>=A0 * Presentations on =
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Server<br>

=A0 * Discussions of what the team is doing and how to participate with the=
 team<br><br>=A0* Planning of our next Lo``Co Activities<br>=A0 * The team =
is discussing packaging jams as a recurring activity for the next few month=

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Pennsylvania Team =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D<br>=A0* May 2nd: Phil=
adelphia Jaunty Release Party (<a href=3D"

=A0* May 20th: Team Meeting (<a href=3D"
us-pa/2009-May/000830.html</a>)<br><br>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu Forums Beginners Te=
am =3D=3D=3D<br>

=A0* Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team Meeting 2009-05-05 (<a href=3D"https://wi=">
nnersTeam/Meetings/20090505</a>)<br>=A0 * Mailing List<br>=A0=A0 * Reminder=
 that all team members need to be part of ~ubuntuforums-beginners (<a href=
buntuforums-beginners</a>) and subscribed to the mailing list or they will =
be devoiced in the IRC channel.<br>

=A0 * Team Reporting (<a href=3D"
 / Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (<a href=3D"

=A0=A0 * Agree to try out Team Reporting (<a href=3D"
y/TeamReporting</a>) and to attempt to get meeting summaries and other impo=
rtant team activities included in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (<a href=3D"=">

=A0 * Voting in Meetings<br>=A0=A0 * Decide to continue to use Vote``Bot (<=
a href=3D""><=
/a>) instead of Moot``Bot (<a href=3D"
ootBot"></a>)) for votes due to =
ability to restrict voting to team members<br>

=A0 * IRC Policies<br>=A0=A0 * Reminder that we are an official channel and=
 that inappropriate behavior should be reported to the Ubuntu Forums Beginn=
ers Team Council (<a href=3D"
council"></a>) in ##be=
ginners-council or sent via email (<a href=3D"

=A0 * Education Focus Grup<br>=A0=A0 * Preparing to present to the Communit=
y Council (<a href=3D"">https://wik=</a>)<br>=A0 * Vote on Focus Group Leaders<br>=
=A0=A0 * It was decided to hold a separate meeting to discuss the Focus Gro=
up Leaders election<br>

=A0 * New Members<br>=A0=A0 * Michael Brown (<a href=3D"https://wiki.ubuntu=
.com/thewrath"></a>) joined the Ubuntu Foru=
ms Beginners Team. He has done a great job of interacting with the rest of =
the team, and was unanimously voted to become a member.<br>

=A0=A0 * Ash R (<a href=3D"">https://wiki.ubuntu=
.com/Ash</a> R) joined the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. He has been doing =
an awesome job of helping new users; he is also British.<br><br>=A0* Ubuntu=
 Forums Beginners Team Meeting 2009-05-19 (<a href=3D"https://wiki.ubuntu.c=

=A0 * It was agreed that BodhiZazen (<a href=3D"
hiZazen"></a>) will appoint the new Focus=
 Group leaders instead of having an election<br>=A0 * The Ubuntu Community =
Learning Project (<a href=3D"">https://wiki=</a>) will be presenting to the Community Council (<a h=
mmunityCouncil</a>) on June 2nd<br>

=A0 * The IRC Focus Group (<a href=3D"
) is looking for new interested members to help integrate with the rest of =
the Ubuntu community<br>

=A0 * The 2009 Summer of Documentation (<a href=3D"
s/Development</a>) has started<br>=A0 * At the June 2nd Community Council (=
<a href=3D"">
m/CommunityCouncil</a>) meeting, we will ask about replacing a mention of t=
he New User Network (NUN) (<a href=3D"
20User%20Network</a>) with the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team (<a href=3D"htt=

=A0 * Meeting agendas will be emailed to the Beginners Team mailing list th=
e day before a meeting<br>=A0 * TuxPurple (<a href=3D"https://wiki.ubuntu.c=
om/TuxPurple"></a>) joined the Ubuntu Foru=
ms Beginners Team. He is a penguin, he is purple, and we are glad to welcom=
e him to the team.<br>

=A0 * <a href=3D""></a> has been registered t=
o be used temporarily until we can use <a href=3D"">=</a><br><br>=3D=3D Upcoming Meetings and Events =3D=

=3D=3D=3D Sunday, May 31, 2009 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu-us-az L=
oCo Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 04:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 04:=
30 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az <a href=3D""></a><br>

=A0* Agenda: <a href=3D"">https=
://</a><br><br>=3D=3D=3D Monday, June 1=
, 2009 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* No events as of publication<br><br>=3D=3D=3D T=
uesday, June 2, 2009 =3D=3D=3D<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Technical Board Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 14=
:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 15:00 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meetin=
g <a href=3D""></a><br>=A0* Agenda: =
None as of publication<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Server Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 15:00 =
UTC<br>=A0* End: 16:00 UTC<br>=A0* Location:=A0 IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting=
 <a href=3D""></a><br>=A0* Agenda: <=
a href=3D"">https://wiki.ubuntu.c=

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Desktop Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 16:30=
 UTC<br>=A0* End: 17:30 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-desktop <=
a href=3D""></a><br>=A0* Agenda: <a =

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Kernel Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 17:00 =
UTC<br>=A0* End: 18:00 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting <a=
 href=3D""></a><br>=A0* Agenda: Not =
listed as of publication<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D LoCo Teams Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 17:00 U=
TC<br>=A0* End: 18:00 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-locoteams <=
a href=3D""></a><br>=A0* None as of =
publication<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Community Council Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br>

<br>=A0* Start: 21:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 23:00 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC chan=
nel #ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D""></a=
><br>=A0* Agenda: <a href=3D"

<br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=
=A0* Start: 23:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 00:00 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel =
#ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D""></a><br=
>=A0* Agenda: <a href=3D"">ht=

<br>=3D=3D=3D Wednesday, June 3, 2009 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Tenness=
ee Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 00:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 01:0=
0 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D"http://irc.f="></a><br>

=A0* Agenda: None as of publication<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu-us-pa LoCo T=
eam Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 12:30 UTC<br>=A0* End: 13:30=A0=
 UTC<br>=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-us-pa <a href=3D""></a><br>

=A0* Agenda: None as of publication<br><br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Foundation Team=
 Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 16:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 17:00 UTC<b=
r>=A0 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D"http://irc.freenod="></a><br>

=A0* Agenda: None listed as of publication<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D QA Team Meet=
ing =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 16:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 17:00 UTC<br>=A0=
* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D""=

=A0* Agenda: <a href=3D"">https://w=</a><br><br>=3D=3D=3D Thursday, June 4, 2009=
 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu Mobile Team Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><=
br>=A0* Start: 12:00 UTC<br>=A0* End: 13:00 UTC<br>

=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D"http://irc.freenode.n=
et"></a><br>=A0* Agenda: None listed as of publication<br><=
br>=3D=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu Java Meeting =3D=3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* Start: 14:00 U=
TC<br>=A0* End: 15:00 UTC<br>

=A0* Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting <a href=3D"http://irc.freenode.n=
et"></a><br>=A0* Agenda: None listed as of publication<br><=
br>=3D=3D=3D Friday, June 5, 2009 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* No events listed as=
 of publication<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D Saturday, June 6, 2009 =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* No events listed=
 as of publication<br><br>=3D=3D Community Spotlight =3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D U=
pdates and Security for 6.06, 8.04, 8.10 and 9.04 =3D=3D<br><br>=3D=3D=3D S=
ecurity Updates =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* None Reported<br>

<br>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu 6.06 Updates =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* None Reported<br><b=
r>=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu 8.04 Updates =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* None Reported<br><br>=
=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu 8.10 Updates =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* None Reported<br><br>=
=3D=3D=3D Ubuntu 9.04 Updates =3D=3D=3D<br><br>=A0* None Reported<br>

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