Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #108

John Crawford johnc4510 at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 15 03:00:12 BST 2008

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #108 for the week 
September: Introducing Jaunty Jackalope, UI Freeze in place-Alpha 6 
freeze ahead, Last push for Intrepid documentation, Ubuntu 9.04 
Developer Summit Sponsorship, Status of Ubuntu Romanian Localization 
Team, Ubuntu Developer Week, MOTU, New Ubuntu Members, Intrepid Spanish 
Translation, New Ubuntu Cyclists Team, Atlanta Linux Fest 2008, Arizona 
LoCo participating in ABLEconf, Ohio Linuxfest, Berlin LoCo Bug Jams, 
Ubuntu-NI SFD 2008, Technical Board Meeting Summary, Server Team 
Meeting, and much, much more!

== UWN Translations ==

  * Note to translators and our readers: We are trying a new way of 
linking to our translations pages. Please follow the link below for the 
information you need.


== In This Issue ==

  * Introducing the Jaunty Jackalope
  * UI Freeze in place, Alpha 6 freeze ahead
  * Last push for Intrepid documentation
  * Ubuntu 9.04 Developer Summit Sponsorship
  * Status of Ubuntu Romanian Localization Team
  * Ubuntu Developer Week
  * MOTU
  * New Ubuntu Members
  * Intrepid Spanish Translation
  * New Ubuntu Cyclists Team
  * Ubuntu Stats
  * LoCo News
  * In the Press & Blogosphere
  * In Other News
  * Meeting Summaries
  * Upcoming Meetings & Events
  * Updates & Security

== General Community News ==

=== Introducing Jaunty Jackalope ===

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the name for the proposed Ubuntu release 
9.04, and it will be "Jaunty Jackalope." Specific goals for this warrior 
rabbit will be addressed at the Ubuntu Developer's Summit in Mountain 
View on the 8th - 12th of December. Included in the new release will be 
faster boot time and resume time, blurring the difference between web 
services and desktop applications. The move of all of Ubuntu into Bazaar 
should provide an intricate pattern of collaboration between developers 
in a distributed version control system.

The challenge that Mark has set, is to provide customers of the several 
million devices being shipped with Ubuntu with an experiences comparable 
to Microsoft or Apple. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shine, and 
Mark wants to make sure that the very best thinking across the whole 
open source ecosystem is reflected in Jaunty Jackalope since many people 
will judge free software as a whole, by what we do. 

=== UI Freeze in place, Alpha 6 freeze ahead ===

The sixth and final alpha testing milestone for Intrepid Alpha 6 is 
scheduled for next Thursday, September 18th. Intrepid Alpha 6 will again 
use a "soft freeze" for main Developers are asked to refrain from 
uploading packages that aren't essential to the release of the Alpha 
from Tuesday through Thursday. This is so the archive can be set, and 
the last show stoppers can be fixed. See the link for further 
information. The list of bugs targeted for alpha-6 can be found at: 


=== Last push for Intrepid documentation ===

The User Interface (UI) for Intrepid Ibex is now in a freeze state. 
This leaves about 3 weeks for errors to be found in the documentation 
before the string freeze takes place.  Here's an opportunity to help 
make the documentation better.  If you have Intrepid installed, please 
scan the documentation and submit bug reports on any errors, omissions 
and typos. 

=== Ubuntu 9.04 Developer Summit Sponsorship ===

Jono Bacon reports that the next Ubuntu Developer Summit will be held at 
the Googleplex in Mountain View, California from Monday, December 8th to 
Friday, December 12th, 2008. This year, the method of sponsorship has 
changed. Those sponsored will be expected to choose an idea from Ubuntu 
Brainstorm to use as the basis of a presentation. Some of the key topics 
for Ubuntu 9.04 are:
  * Networking
  * Power Management
  * Desktop Experience
  * Booting
  * Hardware Support
  * Sharing and Backup
  * Desktop Configuration
  * Server Configuration
  * Network Authentication
  * Security
  * Community
  * Mobile
  * QA
  * And many others

Instructions for requesting sponsorship can be obtained from Jono's 
blog: http://www.jonobacon.org/?p=1278

=== Status of Ubuntu Romanian Localization Team ===

Adi Roiban has issued the first of a series of updates on the 
localization of Ubuntu to Romanian. Currently, about 27.5% is done, with 
most of it Launchpad, and 2 major packages done in Narro. The team has 
almost all GNOME and configuration utilities translated, including the 
live cd menu, installation program, and Ubuntu guides. They plan to 
translate all the GNOME packages and the GNOME GUI, then start working 
on the Ubuntu Desktop Course.  http://adi.roiban.ro/?p=68

=== Ubuntu Developer Week ===

Ubuntu Developer Week happened from Sept. 1st to Sept. 5th in 
#ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net. 25 IRC sessions happened with 
involvement from developers of all sorts of teams. At peak times we had 
more than 200 participants. Here a quick overview what happened 
throughout the week. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek

  * Day 1:
   * "Packaging 101" was packed with people and although we just had one 
hour to go through the bare-bone structure of the hello-debhelper 
package, we had a great time and the participants were a very sharp 
bunch, and asked very clever questions. Awesome! 
   * Jorge Castro’s "Upstream Bug Linkages" also went great. 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/Upstream He got lots of 
questions about the process of linking Ubuntu bugs to Upstream bugs, 
which helps a lot to bring developers closer together. In addition to 
the session log, check out "Bugs/Upstream" for more information. 
   * Iulian Udrea had a very busy time in "Introduction to MOTU". 
Everybody wanted to know more about our Master of the Universe team and 
how to get involved. Iulian covered a lot of ground, talking about 
processes, meetings, and people. He conveyed a good feeling for how the 
team works. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/MOTUIntro
   * Celso Providelo was up next and talked about "Soyuz and all that 
Jazz". Lots and lots of questions came up and Celso did his best to 
answer all of them, he even drew a fancy diagram to explain what Soyuz 
is all about. I’d like to note that the audience of this session likes 
Rock’n'Roll more than Jazz. 
   * Pedro Villavivencio Garrido spent almost an hour talking about tips 
and tricks working with "Ubuntu and GNOME QA". If you know Pedro, you 
know how enthusiastic he is about spreading the Ubuntu and GNOME love. 
That’s what he did in the session. He covered using GNOME’s Bugzilla, 
talked about the GNOME Love project, freedesktop components, and lots of 
other stuff. Awesome! 
  * Day 2:
   * "How do I fix an Ubuntu bug?" was a lot of fun. Lots of sharp 
questions, and lots of really good fixes by the end of the session. We 
used Harvest to find some low-hanging fruit, verified the bug, tested 
the fix, test-built it and came up with a collection of good debdiffs. 
Yeeeehaw! Lots of excitement among the crowd! 
   * The audience had a good time with David Futcher who was up next 
with his "Introduction to BZR". David shared a lot of insights into bzr 
and code hosting on Launchpad and everybody seemed quite pleased. 
   * Super Mario Limonciello joined us to take the plunge and experience 
the joys of "Kernel module packaging with DKMS". His presentation was 
concise, to the point and demonstrated quite impressively, why DKMS is 
the way to go. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/DKMSPackage
   * Leonard Richardson (with the help of Barry Warsaw and Francis 
Lacoste) demonstrated "The Launchpad Web Service API" and got a huge 
amount of questions. I guess we’re going to see a lot of scripts and 
applications making use of the Launchpad API soon. Thanks a lot 
Launchpad Heroes! 
   * At the end of day 2, Brian Murray demonstrated his "Launchpad 
Hacks" and how to make use of Greasemonkey to change bits of the 
functionality of Launchpad pages, add additional information, etc. With 
Brian’s background in QA work it was pretty obvious to see how these 
hacks make working with bugs a lot easier. 
  * Day 3:
   * James Westby started off with "BZR for packaging". The atmosphere 
was great, and James demonstrated very, very well, why bzr for packaging 
makes the world a better place and yourself much more productive. 
   * Cesare Tirabassi took over and explained "How to update a package 
properly". There was lots of MOTU participation in the sesion, so lots 
of questions could easily be answered. Excellent session! 
   * Mathias Gug was next and did an "Introduction to the Server Team". 
A great session: he introduced everybody to the current team members, 
explained what areas of interested the team works on, where to find easy 
tasks to get involved, and answered loads and loads of questions! ROCK 
ON Server People! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/ServerTeam
   * This is the umpteenth time that Celso Providelo gave his rocking 
"Introduction to PPA" session. You could call him a veteran of Ubuntu 
Open and Developer Weeks. It was just awesome to see how many questions 
popped up, how many ideas were discussed, interest in PPAs is definitely 
very very high. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/PPAIntro
   * Christophe Sauthier and Didier Roche did a 1h30m-session about 
"Various ways to patch packages". No matter if it was quilt, CDBS’ 
simple-patchsys, dpatch or anything else: these two guys from France 
managed to give everybody the perfect overview. Rock’n'Roll! 
  * Day 4:
   * Ara Pulido kicked off the day with "Automated Testing of the 
Desktop". Ara showed us what amazing stuff she was working on. In 
examples she showed how easy it has become nowadays to test the integral 
parts of our Ubuntu Desktop. The audience asked lots of interesting 
questions any everybody left the session with a much better idea of 
what’s happening in #ubuntu-testing. 
   * Afterwards Daniel Holbach did another session called "How do I fix 
an Ubuntu bug". The main aim of this session was to demonstrate how easy 
it is with Harvest and the Ubuntu development tools to make Ubuntu 
better. You don’t need a degree in rocket science, just a knack for 
trying to make things work again, some patience, and being good at 
team-play. The session was well-attended and the questions showed that 
the audience was clearly motivated to shake out bugs of Ubuntu. We even 
managed to fix two bugs during the session. The shipment of awesome-ness 
clearly has arrived! 
   * Jonathan Riddell delivered the third session that day and showed 
how to write a "WebKit browser in PyKDE". Everybody was very impressed 
by how easy it is to use WebKit in PyKDE. Have a look at the examples 
yourself: this is clearly next-generation awesome stuff. 
   * Alexander Sack afterwards gave a great introduction to "Having fun 
with the Mozilla Team". This is one of the very very busy teams we all 
expect the best from. Alexander explained all the areas that require 
work (extensions, bug work, maintenance of all mozilla-related packages, 
etc.) At the end of the session he demonstrated the ease of packaging 
Mozilla extension. Rock and Roll! 
   * Steve Langasek as one of the Heroes of the Archive Admins delivered 
a great session on "How to avoid making Archive Admins unhappy". The 
session was a great opportunity to find out almost everything that’s 
reviewed with great scrutiny, especially since the session was a relaxed 
discussion, it invited everybody to join in. 
  * Day 5
   * Matt Zimmerman kicked off with "Ask Matt". He answered a myriad of 
questions about Ubuntu Development plans, syncing of upstream and distro 
schedules, distributed development, Canonical partners, and lots of 
other interesting topics. If you read the log you can imagine how fast 
Matt was typing to answer the questions. Rock On, Matt! 
   * Lars Wirzenius talked about "Unit testing Python Code, with code 
coverage measurement". He did a great job at explaining the bits and 
pieces needed to write better code and get it tested. The audience was 
very interested, and will hopefully make Lars proud with their next 
Python projects. :-) 
   * The "Introduction to the Installer Team" was up next, and Evan 
Dandrea held a great session about it. It’s worth pointing out how 
modest Evan was, and how he introduced everybody who’s involved with the 
team. He also gave a quick update about what’s happening with the team 
right now, and invited everybody to join in on the fun. 
   * The "Introduction to the Security Team" session was packed with 
people who wanted to see Jamie Strandboge, Kees Cook and William Grant 
talk about their favorite topic. They started off with a quick 
introduction to the life cycle of a security issue, areas in which the 
team is active, proper testing of security fixes and so on. Lots and 
lots of great questions. 
   * Ben Collins had the last slot of this week, talking about "The 
Kernel Team". Current plans, DKMS goodness, 2.6.26 vs 2.6.27, and lots 
of other lively discussion happened. Everybody saw how much fun the 
Kernel can be. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/Kernel

=== MOTU ===

You can refer to Fabien Tassin as a MOTU now. His application was just 
approved, and his track record of excellent work on Mozilla related 
packages spoke for him. Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~fta

Iulian Udrea's application as a Universe Contributor has been approved. 
He spent quite some time making Ubuntu better, and has learned a lot in 
the last weeks and months. Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~iulian

Thierry Carrez (Koon) just joined the Universe Contributors team. He put 
a lot of good work into several areas in the Server Team, and the 
feedback of his sponsors was great. Launchpad: 
https://launchpad.net/~tcarrez Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThierryCarrez

MOTU congratulates these 3 on their contributions to the team!

=== New Ubuntu Members ===

==== Asia Oceania Board ====

Ruben Romero from Oslo, Norway has been approved for Ubuntu Membership. 
Ruben is the contact person of Ubuntu Ecuador LoCo Team. As a new 
member, he has been contributing to various projects, notable among them 
are: Spread Ubuntu and Spanish Documentation for Ubuntu. Launchpad: 
https://launchpad.net/~huayra Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hubuntu

Rafik Ouerchefani of the Tunisia LoCo Team is a new member. Rafik has 
the responsibility for Tunisian LoCo Website and its Arabic Forum. He 
also does some writing about Ubuntu & Free Softwares in magazines. 
Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~rafik Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Rafik

The Asia Oceania board is happy to welcome these newest Ubuntu Members!


==== America's Board Meeting ====

David Thomas is a core member of the Ubuntu New Mexico LoCo Team and has 
been responsible for many of its core functions since joining in 2007. 
He spoke about Ubuntu at HDI 2008 Conference, where he handed out over 
150 Ubuntu CDs. He plans to do more talks in the future, continue to 
promote the New Mexico LoCo, and get involved in the Ubuntu Security 
team. Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~dthomas Wiki: 

David Giard is the founder of the Quebec LoCo Team, and the leader of 
the LoCo-Drupal Development Team. Starting with the translation of the 
Canadian site into French, his extensive work with the Quebec team has 
advocates describing him with such phrases as "unstoppable workhorse". 
Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~swe3tdave Wiki: 

The America's Board is very happy to welcome both these new members to 
the project!


=== Intrepid Spanish Translation ===

With the Ubuntu 8.10 release around the corner, the Spanish speaking 
LoCos are having a Translation Sprint on September 27th, 2008. Organized 
by the Ubuntu Spanish Translators (Ubuntu-l10n-es Team), the Intrepid 
Translation Sprint will gather Ubuntu users from all the Latin American 
countries and Spain. Wiki: 

  * What: Intrepid Translation Sprint
  * When: Saturday, September 27
  * Where: #ubuntu-es-loco


=== New Ubuntu Cyclists Team ===

Greg Grossmeier has formed a new team in Launchpad called Ubuntu 
Cyclists. While not your regular Ubuntu team that only works toward 
improving our favorite operating system, this team is "geared" toward 
gathering cyclists from the Ubuntu community to help them meet and form 
lasting relationships. Anyone who loves biking in whatever form is 
welcome to join! Launchpad: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cyclists


== Ubuntu Stats ==

=== Bug Stats ===

  * Open (45899) -200 # over last week
  * Critical (27) +1 # over last week
  * Unconfirmed (21309) -52 # over last week
  * Unassigned (37485) -135 # over last week
  * All bugs ever reported (209498) +1805 # over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, 
please see  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad

=== Translation Stats Hardy ===

  * Spanish (11869) +/-0 # over last week
  * English-UK (30837) +1 # over last week
  * French (39041) +1 # over last week
  * Brazilian Portuguese (49930) -117 # over last week
  * Swedish (52882) +2 # over last week

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron," see more 
at: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/

=== 5-a-day bug stats ===

Top 5 contributors for the past 7 days

  * crimsun (360)
  * maco.m (189)
  * jorge (53)
  * dholbach (50)
  * chrisccoulson (47)

Top 5 teams for the past 7 days

  * dcteam (549)
  * ubuntu-berlin (63)
  * ubuntu-michigan (57)
  * kubuntu-de.org (16)
  * california.team (12)

5-A-Day stats provided by Daniel Holbach. See 

== LoCo News ==

=== Upcoming Atlanta Linux Fest 20 September 2008 ===

The Ubuntu Georgia US LoCo is sponsoring the Atlanta Linux Fest (ALF) on 
Saturday, 20 September 2008, at the IBM Hillside Conference Center. ALF 
will be a non-distro specific event, partly an install-fest along with 
demonstrations. Scheduled demonstrations include dual-booting, 
virtualization, privacy and encryption with SSH and GPG, Fedora 10, 
IBM's Symphony productivity software, and gaming. The Florida and 
Alabama LoCos will also be attending and helping celebrate Software 
Freedom Day. Linux books provided by O'Reilly and Peachpit will be given 
away, along with openSUSE and Ubuntu swag. Nick Ali, who is coordinating 
the event, says the idea for ALF arose only 6 weeks ago, but is expected 
to attract well over a hundred attendees.

More information can be found at http://atlantalinuxfest.org.

=== Arizona LoCo participating in ABLEconf(Phoenix) ===

On Sept. 20th, 2008, ABLEconf will be "rockin" in Phoenix, AZ. The 
Arizona Business and Liberty Experience (ABLEconf) is a Free Software 
conference organized by a coalition of many Arizona Free Software 
groups, including the Arizona LoCo team and PLUGAZ. Conference times are 
10:00-17:00 local time, and will be held at the University for Advancing 
Technology (UAT) campus. http://www.uat.edu/ The 20th was chosen because 
it's Software Freedom Day, an international celebration for Free 
Software. Arizona's own John Crawford, Craig Eddy, Kenny and Travis 
McHenry, among others will be making presentations at the conference. 
Everyone is invited to attend, and don't forget to stop by the team's 
Ubuntu booth to experience our idea of fun with Open Source.


=== Ohio Linuxfest almost here... ===

The Ohio Linux Fest will be held October 10th and 11th, in Columbus, 
Ohio. Please check the links for a schedule [1] and a list of speakers 
[2] available. Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier from openSUSE, and Jono Bacon, 
the Ubuntu Community Manager, are giving the keynote addresses. In 
addition to those notables, there will be members of the Michigan LoCo, 
the Kubuntu maniacs from Chicago, and of course Stephen Stalcup 
(vorian), Simon Ruiz from Indiana, and Andrew Conkling, among others 
from Pennsylvania.

[1] http://www.ohiolinux.org/schedule.html

[2] http://www.ohiolinux.org/speakers.html


=== Berlin LoCo Bug Jams ===

Starting on September 25th, 2008, the Ubuntu Berlin LoCo team is going 
to have regular Bug Jams!

  * When: every 2nd Tuesday of the month and every 4th Thursday of the month
  * Time: from 17:00 to 20:00 local time in Berlin’s c-base to: 
  * Objectives:
   * make bugs more useful
   * have lots of fun
   * fix some bugs
   * talk aboug packaging, bug triage and other related topics
   * AND … have lots of fun!

This is the perfect way to get involved, learn more, get to know other 
Berliner Ubuntu friends, and have fun. Let’s see which LoCos will be 
next to have regular Bug Jams and/or Packaging Jams.


=== Ubuntu-NI SFD 2008 ===

The celebration of the worlds biggest FOSS event started early this year 
in Nicaragua. They launched the SFD event on Debian Day Nicaragua '08 
(August 14), at the National University of Engineering (UNI), with an 
installfest, conferences and guest speakers from Guatemala, El Salvador, 
Norway, and of course, Nicaragua. They gave a lot of information about 
the upcoming SFD event, and distributed some brochures.

Two days later, they visited the Central American University (UCA) in 
Managua, where the local GNU/Linux community had an information stand 
with flyers and brochures, and three laptops running Ubuntu, openSuse, 
and Fedora. UCA is the venue of this year SFD.

On September 5th and 6th, it was time for Comtech, the largest 
technological fair in Nicaragua. They had a stand promoting FOSS and 
SFD. Sponsorship provided by the Ministry of Industry and Commercefont.

This week, they had three more events. Two conferences about Free 
Software and a demonstration of Ubuntu at the American University (UAM) 
in Managua on September 11th. They distributed some Ubuntu CDs, and the 
next day they had two other conferences. Visit the link for some pics. 
Great Job Ubuntu-NI! 

== In The Press ==

  * The Jaunty Jackalope Hops Aboard Ubuntu’s Ark - Ashlee Vance of 
'''The New York Times''' reports on the naming of the Ubuntu 9.04 
release. Jaunty Jackalope is now added to the other animal names that 
have helped establish Ubuntu as a legitimate player in the desktop and 
server OS markets. In an email interview, Mark Shuttleworth admitted 
that, "We learned a while ago that our sanity depended on making the 
names alphabetical" but that it's not a sophisticated process. Ashlee 
also reports that Canonical will be releasing Intrepid Ibex next month. 

  * Ubuntu 9.04 to be called Jaunty Jackalope - Ryan Paul of Ars 
Technica reports on the naming of Ubuntu 9.04. Included in the article 
is a graphic of Mark Shuttleworth, "our intrepid explorer", riding a 
jackalope.(Everyone should check out this graphic!) Ryan reports that 
Mark believes that Ubuntu is ready to compete with Microsoft Windows and 
Mack OS-X.  Development of the Jaunty Jackalope release will begin 
following the release of Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex.  Ubuntu is popular 
in the desktop Linux ecosystem and is moving into the general consumer 
market. Dell is already shipping Ubuntu on the new Mini 9 netbook. 

  * Canonical to fund upstream Linux usability improvements - Ryan Paul, 
of Ars Technica reports that Mark Shuttleworth announced Wednesday that 
Canonical will hire professional designers, and interaction experts to 
work with upstream developers to improve desktop software. In the past, 
Canonical has not had the resources to make big contributions to 
upstream code. Now, it will be able to work on X, OpenGL, Gtk, Qt, GNOME 
and KDE, to turn ideas into reality over the range of desktop 

  * Computer Music #129 article: Ubuntu Studio - Ubuntu Studio recently 
got a write up in CM(Computer Music) Magazine that was very 
complementary of the distribution. Calling it the miracle OS based on 
the Ubuntu operating system, it is packed with the latest Linux based 
free music software. They let readers know that by using Linux based 
software they are assured of having a system that will improve, be 
updated as needed, and will always be free under the End User License 
Agreement. You can read the full article at this link: 
http://luisbg.users.ubuntustudio.org/luisbg/computer_music/ where the 
pages of the magazine have been posted. 

  * Survey: 96 percent of enterprises not deploying Ubuntu server - Matt 
Asay from CNET News reports that Ubuntu server is only being deployed on 
4% of the systems for a range of Fortune 1000 companies. Granted, with 
CIOs representing 48 percent of survey respondents, and vice presidents 
of IT representing another 33 percent, the survey was unlikely to get a 
very good view of grassroots IT adoption. However, on the other hand, 
Matt feels surprised that even 4% knew what Ubuntu was, and felt that 
this was progress. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10037554-16.html

== In The Blogosphere ==

  * Ubuntu Saves Compaq Presario 2100 From Death and Windows - Joe 
Panettieri writes about saving his brother in law's Compaq Presario 2100 
from being sent to the landfill.  Ronnie, his brother in law, was going 
to chuck the aging Windows machine.  He bought a new laptop, and Joe 
took the Presario and installed Ubuntu 8.04.  What Ronnie saw then cause 
him to ask some important questions concerning price and availability. 
Joe hopes users who are ready to pull the plug on their aging Windows 
systems will consider a new direction: Installing Ubuntu. 

  * Survey Says: Ubuntu Server Gaining Momentum - Joe Panettieri reports 
on a survey conducted by Works With U [1].  From voluntary information 
received from 1000 organizations and companies across the globe that run 
Ubuntu, they took the first 98 received and found the following information:
   *  77.6 percent of participants indicated that they run Ubuntu on servers
   * The typical survey participant has six Ubuntu servers and 15 Ubuntu 
   * The most popular uses for Ubuntu servers include Web servers 
(57.1%), file servers (57.1%), databases (54.1%) and backup/recovery 
services (40.8%)
   * Survey participants represent small, mid size and large 
organizations from across the globe
  It may not be a scientific survey, but it does show that Ubuntu is 
making inroads on the server market.

  [1] http://www.workswithu.com/the-works-with-u-1000/


== In Other News ==

=== Join us at PostgreSQL Conference: West 08, October 10-12 2008 ===

The second annual PostgreSQL Conference West will be held in The Native 
American Student & Community Center at Portland State University. 
Already on the schedule is the membership drive for PgUS, the new 
PostgreSQL non profit association.  Also hoped for is a debate and 
potential election of board members.  But they would also like papers:
  * If you have a topic you have been dying to talk about
  * If it involves PostgreSQL
  * If it is interesting
Then post a submission: 
http://www.postgresqlconference.org/west08/talk_submission/ Possible 
talks might be about Ubuntu, PostgreSQL and Drupal.


=== TurnKey Linux: new project builds Ubuntu based Live CD appliances ===

The motto of Turnkey Linux is "everything that can be easy, should be 
easy". TurnKey is trying to make Ubuntu easier to use for certain types 
of (mostly server) tasks. Public Betas have been released for:
  * TurnKey LAMP stack
  * TurnKey Drupal 5
  * TurnKey Joomla
Some of the technical specifications of Turnkey are:
  * Based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 (hardy LTS).
  * Minimal footprint (typically around 150MB) - each appliance is
    carefully built from the ground up with the minimum components needed
    to serve its role with maximum efficiency and security.
  * Packaged as an installable Live CD (I.E. bootable ISO) that can run
    on real hardware in addition to most types of virtual machines.

More information can be found at the website: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/

== Meeting Summaries ==

=== Technical Board Meeting Summary ===

Board members: Mark Shuttleworth, Matt Zimmerman
Apologies: Scott James Remnant (holiday)
Attendees: Oliver Grawert, Emmet Hikory

==== Status of cdrtools discussion ====

Mark has offered to obtain a legal opinion from the Software Freedom Law 
Center, on the condition that Joerg Schilling will agree up front to 
accept their determination.

We are waiting for Joerg to respond to this proposal.  Mark suggested 
that we also involve Sun in the discussion, as they are shipping cdrtools.

Action: Mark to contact Sun legal regarding cdrtools

==== Gobby co-maintenance with Debian ====

Philipp Kern, upstream developer and Debian maintainer of gobby, and 
MOTU, is interested in helping to maintain gobby in Ubuntu main.

We agreed that this is reasonable, and that Phillipp's existing 
qualifications are sufficient to grant upload privileges.

Action: Matt to arrange upload rights for gobby for pkern

==== Revisiting limited upload privileges for kernel and printing 
packages ====

The Technical Board granted core-dev privileges to two developers (Tim 
Gardner and Till Kamppeter) who are interested in working with specific 
packages in main, with the proviso that they were to follow standard 
sponsorship processes for other packages.

Now that Launchpad has the capability to implement this type of access 
control directly, we agreed to transition these developers from
ubuntu-core-dev to per-package upload rights.

Action: Matt to follow up with Tim and Till

==== Board membership/nominations ====

The Technical Board is in search of new members, and suggestions from 
the community have been received and reviewed. The next step is to 
contact the top candidates (most were suggested by third parties) and 
ask whether they are willing to serve in the position.

Action: Mark to contact the candidates and confirm their interest

== Ubuntu Server Team: 9/9/08 Meeting ==

The Server Team met on Sept. 9th, and the follow are the highlighted 
topics of that meeting. To see the details of each topic, please visit 
the link below.

  * Ubuntu VM builder
  * Review ServerGuide for Intrepid
  * Boot Support for Degraded RAID
  * Ubuntu Manpage Repository
  * Encrypted ~/Private Directory in Each User’s Home
  * Tomcat6 server stack support
  * landscape-client in Ubuntu
  * Agree on next meeting date and time: Next meeting will be on 
Tuesday, September 16th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


== Upcoming Meetings and Events ==

=== Tuesday, September 16, 2008 ===

==== Community Council Meeting ====

  * Start: 11:00 UTC
  * End: 13:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda

==== Server Team Meeting ====

  * Start: 15:00 UTC
  * End: 16:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting

=== Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ===

==== QA Team Meeting ====

  * Start: 17:00 UTC
  * End: 18:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings/

==== ubuntu-pa LoCo Team Meeting ====

  * Start: 8:30 EDT
  * End: 9:30 EDT
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-pa
  * Agenda: None as of publication

=== Thursday, September 18, 2008 ===

==== Ubuntu Mobile Team Meeting ====

  * Start: 12:00 UTC
  * End: 13:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: None as of publication

==== Ubuntu Desktop Meeting ====

  * Start: 13:00 UTC
  * End: 14:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: None as of publication

==== Ubuntu Java Meeting ====

  * Start: 14:00 UTC
  * End: 15:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: None as of publication

=== Friday, September 19, 2008 ===

==== MOTU Meeting ====

  * Start: 4:00 UTC
  * End: 5:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: None as of publication

==== Platform Team Meeting ====

  * Start: 10:00 UTC
  * End: 11:00 UTC
  * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  * Agenda: None as of publication

== Updates and Security for 6.06, 7.04, 7.10, and 8.04 ==

=== Security Updates ===

  * [USN-641-1] Racoon vulnerabilities - 
  * [USN-642-1] Postfix vulnerabilities - 
  * [USN-643-1] FreeType vulnerabilities - 
  * [USN-644-1] libxml2 vulnerabilities - 

=== Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates ===

  * ipsec-tools_0.6.5-4ubuntu1.2 - 
  * freetype 2.1.10-1ubuntu2.5 - 
  * libxml2 2.6.24.dfsg-1ubuntu1.3 - 

=== Ubuntu 7.04 Updates ===

  * ipsec-tools_0.6.6-3ubuntu3.1 - 
  * freetype 2.2.1-5ubuntu1.2 - 
  * libxml2 2.6.27.dfsg-1ubuntu3.3 - 

=== Ubuntu 7.10 Updates ===

  * ipsec-tools_0.6.6-3.1ubuntu3.1 - 
  * audit 1.5.4-0ubuntu1.1 - 
  * postfix_2.4.5-3ubuntu1.3 - 
  * freetype 2.3.5-1ubuntu4.7.10.1 - 
  * libxml2 2.6.30.dfsg-2ubuntu1.3 - 

=== Ubuntu 8.04 Updates ===

  * ipsec-tools_0.6.7-1.1ubuntu1.1 - 
  * phpmyadmin_2.11.3-1ubuntu1.1 - 
  * gallery2_2.2.4-1ubuntu0.1 - 
  * kdenetwork 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu1.2 - 
  * checkgmail 1.13-1ubuntu1.1 - 
  * libtranslate 0.99-0ubuntu4.1 - 
  * ikiwiki 2.32.3ubuntu2.1 - 
  * nagios2 2.11-1ubuntu1.3 - 
  * app-install-data-commercial 9.3 - 
  * linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 - 
  * gcc-4.2 4.2.4-1ubuntu1 - 
  * openvpn 2.1~rc7-1ubuntu3.4 - 
  * mysql-dfsg-5.0 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.3 - 
  * sudo 1.6.9p10-1ubuntu3.3 - 
  * gdb 6.8-1ubuntu3 - 
  * cheese 2.22.3-0ubuntu1.1 - 
  * gstreamer0.10 0.10.18-4ubuntu2 - 
  * xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.2.1-1ubuntu13.7 - 
  * samba 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.6 - 
  * postfix_2.5.1-2ubuntu1.2 - 
  * freetype 2.3.5-1ubuntu4.8.04.1 - 
  * libxml2 2.6.31.dfsg-2ubuntu1.2 - 
  * gdc-4.2 0.25-4.2.4-1ubuntu1 - 
  * gcj-4.2 4.2.4-1ubuntu1 - 
  * gnat-4.2 4.2.4-1ubuntu1 - 
  * debian-installer 20070308ubuntu40.5 - 
  * ngircd 0.10.3-2ubuntu0.1 - 
  * gnome-power-manager 2.22.1-1ubuntu4.1 - 
  * gnome-python-extras 2.19.1-0ubuntu7.1 - 
  * glibc 2.7-10ubuntu4 - 

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  1. PPA - Personal Package Archive
  1. QA - Quality Assurance
  1. SFD - Software Freedom Day
  1. VM - Virtual Machine

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