Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #11

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= Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #11 =

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #11 for the week of August 20 - 26, 2006

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== In This Issue ==

 * X.org breakage in 6.06
 * Distro sprint in Germany
 * Backports are back
 * Upstart unveiled
 * Security updates
 * Updates to Ubuntu 6.06
 * New apps in Edgy
 * Kubuntu updates
 * In the press
 * Features of the Week: Thunar

== X.org breakage in 6.06 ==

This week a number of users got bitten by an X update to 6.06 that
caused them to see a "Linux Blue Screen of Death". You can read more
about [http://www.ubuntu.com/UpgradeIssue the issue] and
http://www.ubuntu.com/FixForUpgradeIssue[ the fix] on ubuntu.com. Mark
Shuttleworth also has an excellent
[http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/54 blog post] about the
issue and the changes to QA to prevent this kind of thing from
happening again.

== Distro Sprint ==

The Canonical distro team and a couple of community developers met for
a week's hacking in Wiesbaden in Germany.  Much feature work was done
as we came to the Edgy feature freeze.

On the Thursday local IT consultancy company CC GmBH, who run Kubuntu
on all their desktops, invited us to their offices and cooked us a
South African dinner in their impressive kitchen.  The dinner was
commented on as "the best food we've ever had at our conferences".

Our chefs with Mark and Matt:

Scrumptious food photos:

Our office for the week:

Paul Sladen's fridge report:

== Backports Open for Business ==

Backports have been reopened this week, thanks to Colin Watson adding
support in our archive manager Soyuz.

Backported packages:
 * ktorrent
 * libtheora alpha7 (and dev package too)
 * kbarcode 2.0.3-1ubuntu2
 * nexuiz
 * Gcin 1.2.0
 * mplayerplug-in
 * k3b
 * Dia 0.95
 * RSIBreak 0.7.1

== Upstart unveiled ==

Scott James Remnant unveiled his new
[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReplacementInit init replacement], upstart,
this week. Sounds exciting, you say! Rather watch grass grow, would
you? Fear not, Scott has told all in a long
[http://www.netsplit.com/blog/work/canonical/upstart.html blog post],
including about why you should care, the design, what upstart does
currently and why not initng/launchd/SMF/something else. Upstart is
currently only in universe, but as Scott explains in his blog post,
upstart isn't quite ready for replacing sysvinit quite yet, but expect
it go live in Edgy within a few weeks.

== Security Updates ==

There were no security announcements this week.

== Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates ==

There were three updates to X.org this week, backporting various
patches as well as dealing with the breakage mentioned above.

Yaboot was also updated, to fix booting with XFS.

There were also a whole lot of backports, as mentioned above.

== New Apps In Edgy ==

Matthew Garret uploaded a new version of '''X.org''' this week, which
enables compositing by default. Quinn Storm, of compiz.net, has also
begun working with the Ubuntu team to work on '''compiz''' in the
Ubuntu repos.

Oliver Grawert has uploaded a new version of  '''ltfsd''', which
enables local device support, otherwise known as being able to plug a
usb stick into the thin client and have it show up on your desktop.
Ubuntu's LTSP has also been updated to use this new code.

Brandon Holtsclaw uploaded '''Amarok 1.4.2''', which adds DAAP
support, MTP media devices (devices that are part of Microsoft's
Plays''For''Sure use this, including players from Creative and
others), custom last.fm stations and more.

As always, this is only a small fraction of cool and rocking new apps
uploaded to Edgy in a single week. If you think we missed anything,
please [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Ideas let us

Hubert Figuiere has uploaded two digital photography apps, dcraw,
which has been updated to 8.31 to improve the camera RAW file support
with new cameras and UFRaw has been updated to 0.9.1.

== Kubuntu ==

Kubuntu Edgy has seen some great new things this week, including new
artwork, systems tools and more.

=== New Artwork ===

Ken Wimer, the Kubuntu Edgy artist in chief, has been busy working on
new artwork.  The O2 theme has a definite purple feel to it is looking



=== System Settings ===

Simon Edwards has reorganised the layout of System Settings based on
ideas from Usability Ellen.


=== Power Management Applet ===

The kde-guidance package has gained a new power management applet in
Edgy.  This replaces the klaptopdaemon used in previous versions of
Kubuntu.  Try it out and let us know of your experiences.


New artwork coming soon.

=== HWDB Client ===

We have added a KDE version of the HWDB client.  This programme
uploads anonymous information about your computer to our database at
http://hwdb.ubuntu.com which can then be used in bug reports and helps
us know more about our target hardware.


New artwork for this also coming soon.

== Bug Stats ==

 * Open  (14478) (+258 over last week)
 * Unconfirmed (7678)
 * Unassigned (9746)
 * All bugs ever reported (51631)

== In The Press ==

=== Tips on keeping your Ubuntu Linux server secure ===

Computerworld published an excerpt from The Official Ubuntu Book by
Benjamin Mako Hill, Jono Bacon, Corey Burger, Jonathan Jesse and Ivan

     ''"In general, Ubuntu Server is a very secure platform. The
Ubuntu Security Team, the team that produces all official security
updates, has one of the best turnaround times in the industry. Ubuntu
ships with a no open ports policy, meaning that after you install the
machine -- be it an Ubuntu desktop or a server -- no applications will
be accepting connections from the Internet by default. Like Ubuntu
desktops, Ubuntu Server uses the sudo mechanism for system
administration, eschewing the root account. And finally, security
updates are guaranteed for at least 18 months after each release (five
years for some releases, like Dapper), and are free."''

Read more at http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9002691&pageNumber=1

An interesting trivia question was spotted today on Washingpost.com:


Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/25/AR2006082501540.html

And the buzz continues. Technorati.com, which indexes over over 52
million blogs lists Ubuntu as its fifth most popular search:


You can search for Ubuntu related blog posts at http://www.technorati.com

== Feature Of The Week - Thunar File Manager ==

Thunar is the new lean and fast Xfce file manager. The first stable
release will be included in Xfce 4.4.0 but it is available, in beta
form, in Xubuntu 6.06.  To install Thunar on any other flavour of
Ubuntu, you can install it from '''Applications > Add/Remove''' and
select it from the applications listed in the '''System Tools'''
section. Of course, you can also enter '''sudo apt-get install
thunar''' in your terminal and install it as well.  Visit
http://thunar.xfce.org/index.html for updates, screenshots, a feature
list, and information about ways you can contribute to the project.


== Additional News Resources ==

As always you can find more news and announcements at:




== Conclusion ==

Thank you for reading the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. See you next week!

== Credits ==

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is brought to you by:

 * Corey Burger
 * John Little
 * Hubert Figuiere
 * Jonathan Riddell
 * And many others

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