Viewing plain text in Thunderbird [Was: Re: formating of weekly newsletter [Was: Ubuntu Weekly News #10]]

Nicola Larosa nico at
Mon Aug 21 18:42:25 BST 2006

> - do wrap the text at 76 chars, the last issue contained some 
> "unwrappable" lines, that were very hard to read/quote in mozilla mail / 
> thunderbird that I'm using.

That email was sent in both HTML and plain text formats; the lines were not
wrapped in the HTML format, but they were in the text one.

To display the text format in Thunderbird, select the menu

View -> Message Body As -> Plain Text.

Beware, it's a global setting, and it will disable HTML in all messages
that also include content in text format.

Nicola Larosa -

A style guide is about consistency. Consistency with this style guide is
important. Consistency within a project is more important. Consistency
within one module or function is most important. But most importantly:
know when to be inconsistent - sometimes the style guide just doesn't
apply. -- Guido Van Rossum, Barry Warsaw, July 2001

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