Community Council 2005-01-25

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Tue Jan 25 15:09:35 CST 2005


Another fortnight, another community council meeting.

I've written up a summary and have a provided a log for the meeting of
the Ubuntu Community Council meeting today (January 25, 2005). You can
get those here:

 * Summary:
 * Full Log:

The two big issues discussed at the meeting were:
 * Changes to the processes through which people can become new
   members or new maintainers which I've been working on and which the
   group spent a good deal of time sorting through and debating.

 * The idea of instituting reply-to headers for the Ubuntu users
   mailing list. The short version is that while the council unhappy
   about the way the way the discussion transpired, we're willing to
   try switching to reply-to for two weeks to try to gauge feelings.


Benjamin Mako Hill
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