Community Council 2005-01-11 [ + Local Teams and Universe ]

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Wed Jan 12 18:09:21 CST 2005


I've just finished writing up the summary of this Tuesday's (January
11, 2005) meeting of the Ubuntu Community Council. Information is
available here:

Meeting on January 11, 2005:

 * Summary:
 * Full Log:

The meeting covered a number of issues but there are two major issues
which are of particularly noteworthy:

* The Council talked about new Local Community Teams (previously
  called Country Teams and now called LoCo Teams for short) for
  promotion of Ubuntu in particular locales. Folks wanting to get
  involved should read the log of the meeting and get in touch with
  Matthias Urlichs <smurf at> and myself.

* The council talked about the need to get community members involved
  in a contributing to and maintaining pieces of Universe. There is
  more information on this in the log and what to do if you'd like to
  get involved in Ubuntu in this way.


Benjamin Mako Hill
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