Recent Community Council Meetings + Introducing Country Teams

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Mon Dec 27 15:19:55 CST 2004


I've finished summaries of the two most recent Ubuntu Community
Council meetings. Both the summaries and the full logs can be found
at the links below:

Meeting on December 7, 2004:

 * Summary:
 * Full Log:

Meeting on December 21, 2004:

 * Summary:
 * Full Log:

The second meeting covered the creation of new country/region
teams. People interested in starting or working within an official
Ubuntu Country team should contact Matthias Urlichs
<smurf at> and optionally me about this. You should
especially consider doing this if you've been active in doing country
or language specific work for Ubuntu and are interested into finding
ways to integrate this work in the larger Ubuntu community.


Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at

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