Results for the 12:00 Regional Membership Board Meeting, 17th November 2021

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Wed Nov 17 13:19:36 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

At the 17th November 2021 12:00 Membership meeting we welcomed 1 new Member
to official Ubuntu Membership!

Yannick Mauray
| |

Yannick is a long-time community member, having used Ubuntu since Hardy
Heron (8.04), and have stepped-up their contributions over the past 18
months or more. They are a well-known member of the Ubuntu Mate team, where
they contribute to the website (including translating it into French),
testing and QA, and fixing bugs in the distro and its projects upstream.
Yannick takes over the Ubuntu on Air YouTube and Twitch accounts every two
weeks to host a community stream where they talk with guests and show
Ubuntu-related technologies and development techniques. Yannick is also a
core member of the Snapcrafters project, which packages and maintains
numerous applications in Snap Packages following documented procedures and
standards. Outside of strictly Ubuntu-related activities, Yannick hosts two
podcasts (Tea: Earl grey, hot - a podcast about Star Trek; and Makers
Corner - a tech-focused DIY podcast); they also stream onto Twitch
regularly on their own account developing mobile applications using
Flutter. Their aspirations for the future include going to tech and Ubuntu
events when the pandemic has eased, encourage Flutter adoption in Ubuntu
Mate to become the premier distribution for Flutter apps, and to continue
and increase streaming about tech and Ubuntu.

Congratulations to all the new members!

Dani Llewellyn, On behalf of the 12:00 Membership Board
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