Results for the 22:00 Regional Membership Board Meeting 3rd December 2020

Daniel Llewellyn diddledan at
Thu Dec 3 22:57:53 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

At the 3rd December 2020 22:00 Membership meeting we welcomed 2 new Members
to official Ubuntu Membership!

Monica Ayhens-Madon |

Monica has been an Ubuntu contributor since late January of 2020. They are
a member of the Ubuntu MATE core team (documentation), and they also help
coordinate the official #ubuntu-flavors by coordinating quarterly meetings.

Lina Castro |

Lina has been part of the Ubuntu Colombia team since 2019 (where they are
part of their team's LoCo Team Council) and since then they have supported
their community in a large number of events throughout these two years,
spreading and promoting the use of free technologies including Ubuntu. Lina
is part of the Ubuntu Columbia Podcast, which is listened to in many
countries in addition to Columbia. Lina also contributes to the UBPorts
project and is part of the UBPorts team.

Congratulations to all the new members!

Daniel Llewellyn, On behalf of the 22:00 Membership Board
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