Paddy Landau is our newest Ubuntu Member via Forums contributions.

paddy paddyhayes at
Tue Mar 14 03:46:24 UTC 2017


The Ubuntu Forums Council would appreciate the inclusion of the 
following in your next issue!


QIII, Ubuntu Forums Council

"The Ubuntu Forums Council is pleased to announce that Paddy Landau is 
our newest Ubuntu Member via his significant and sustained contributions 
to the Ubuntu Forums Community!

Paddy Landau joined the Ubuntu Forums Community in May, 2008 and says: 
"I found the community spirit in Ubuntu Forums 
<> to be quite unlike any other online forum 
that I'd experienced."  Since then, Paddy Landau has provided excellent 
and friendly support on the Forums, created several articles in the 
Community Help Wiki and is working on a new one even now.  He has also 
been involved in testing and bug reporting.

You can get more acquainted with Paddy Landau at <>

Please join us in welcoming Paddy Landau to the Ubuntu Member community!"

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