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José Antonio Rey jose at
Sun Apr 23 20:36:59 UTC 2017

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On 04/23/2017 03:20 PM, Michael Hall wrote:
> Please post the following call for nominations to the Fridge:
> Title: Ubuntu Membership Board call for nominations
> As you may know, [Ubuntu Membership](
> is a recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and
> the Ubuntu community. To this end, the Community Council recruits from
> our current member community for the valuable role of reviewing and
> evaluating the contributions of potential members to bring them on board
> or assist with having them achieve this goal.
> We have seven members of our boards expiring from their terms , which
> means we need to do some restaffing of this [Membership
> Board](
> We have the following requirements for nominees:
> - be an Ubuntu member (preferably for some time)
> - be confident that you can evaluate contributions to various parts of
> our community
> - be committed to attending the membership meetings broad insight into
> the Ubuntu community at large is a plus
> Additionally, those sitting on membership boards should have a proven
> track record of activity in the community. They have shown themselves
> over time to be able to work well with others and display the positive
> aspects of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. They should be people who can
> discern character and evaluate contribution quality without emotion
> while engaging in an interview/discussion that communicates interest, a
> welcoming atmosphere, and which is marked by humanity, gentleness, and
> kindness. Even when they must deny applications, they should do so in
> such a way that applicants walk away with a sense of hopefulness and a
> desire to return with a more complete application rather than feeling
> discouraged or hurt.
> To nominate yourself or somebody else (please confirm they wish to
> accept the nomination and state you have done so), please send a mail to
> the membership boards mailing list (ubuntu-membership-boards at
> You will want to include some information about the
> nominee, a launchpad profile link and which time slot (20:00 or 22:00)
> the nominee will be able to participate in.
> We will be accepting nominations through Friday May 26th at 12:00 UTC.
> At that time all nominations will be forwarded to the Community Council
> who will make the final decision and announcement.
> Thanks in advance to you and to the dedication everybody has put into
> their roles as board members.

José Antonio Rey

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