Kubuntu Dojo 2 - Kubuntu Ninjas

Rick Timmis rick.timmis at abazander.com
Thu Jun 23 18:23:02 UTC 2016

      Want to get deeper under the hood with Kubuntu?

Interested in becoming a developer?

Then come and join us in the Kubuntu Dojo:

Thursday 30th June 2016 - 18:00 UTC

Packaging is one of the primary development tasks in a large Linux
distribution project. Packaging is the essential way of getting the
latest and best software to the user.

We continue our Kubuntu Dojo and Ninja developers training courses.
These courses are *free* to attend, and take place on the last Thursday
of the month at 18:00 UTC.

This is course number 2, where we will look at Debian and Ubuntu
packaging. Candidates will create their first packages including
uploading them to their own PPA on LaunchPad, all deliver inside our
online video classroom.

Details for accessing the Kubuntu Big Blue Button Conference server
<http://kubuntu.blindsidenetworks.net/kubuntu/> will be announced in the
G+ event stream
and on IRC: irc://irc.freenode.net


      Why it rocks

All the cool kids are doing it.
Packagers know everyone.
Not only will you be part of an elite group, but also get to know with
Debian's finest, as well as KDE developers and other application developers.

For more details about the Kubuntu Ninja's programme see our wiki:



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