Community team weeks 13-14 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Apr 8 16:29:34 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Here's another update of some of the things the Canonical Community team
together with some other people were working on in the last two weeks

## Developer site
- dev{,elopers} redirect to
- Look into remaining documentation importer issues.
- Deploy new fixes to prod: new redirect logic for incoming IA changes,
better SDK frameworks management in API docs

## UbuCon Europe
- Tested Aldryn blog and added it to ubucon website. Needs deployment.
- Contacted European Canonical folks about UbuCon Europe to see if there’s
people interested in speaking.

## Ubuntu Online Summit
- Set list of proposed sessions (
- Started contacting session leads

## Snappy
- Prepared more Snappy documentation.
- Discussed snappy with members of flavour teams.
- Discussed immediate and 16.04 changes to the Snappy developer site with
Marketing, Online Services and Web teams.

## Misc
- Discussion of Code of Conduct amendments.
- Published last quarter's donations report

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