Community team week 39 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Sep 25 16:24:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We're back with the weekly update and some highlights of what the Ubuntu
Community Team at Canonical worked on last week:

## General advocacy
- UbuCon Florida announced [1], call for speakers
- Free Culture Showcase judging in progress
- contest judging in progress
- Coordination with UbuCon @ SCALE organizers

## Snappy
- Helped with snapcraft 0.2 release. Fix bugs and triage bugs, help with
- Prepared and ran first snappy clinic [2]
- Helped out with snappy developer survey.

## Quality
- Ongoing work on the manual community testing workflow for the phone
- Ongoing work on Jenkins instance for core apps testing
- Preparation of the next round of Ubuntu font testing

## Developer documentation
- New production deployment using Mojo spec, notably fixing the
- Preparation for publication of the new Snappy documentation
- On-going testing of new features before release

## Core apps
- Weather App reboot approved by QA with one caveat. We regressed in the
detail we show for current day, so plan to add that back in, and resubmit
for QA. Should land new Weather App in the store (to replace the existing
one) before OTA-7- Notes app updated with a bunch of fixes, mostly UI /
focus handling issues. Submitted to QA for review - bug in UITK identified
and fixed
- Docviewer Office file format support via LibreOffice document support is
moving forward with improved performance and zooming support. We’ll send
out a click shortly for wider testing before this is uploaded to the store.-
Music app work ongoing to implement background playlists to land along with
new Media-hub which implements the backend of this. Numerous issues with
Media-hub identified by Music App developers as a result of collaborative
testing effort.
- File Manager getting closer to a new release incorporating SAMBA support.
Currently blocked on a bug between FM and SAMBA libs we’re bundling with
it. Anticipating a resolution next week.
- Began discussions with Snapcraft developers about what’s needed to
support building Snaps of the Core Apps. Gained a crisp set of requirements
for Snapcraft which we’ll keep an eye on and re-visit soon.


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