Community team week 40 update

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Fri Oct 2 15:19:22 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here's another update from last week in the Community Team at Canonical

## General community
- Uploaded Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase winners in ubuntu-wallpapers
- Sent proposal [1] for wider feedback and discussion[2]
- Alan went to DevRelCon and wrote it up [3]
- Ongoing Ubuntu @ SCALE coordination

## Quality
- Pilot has been launched [4]. This tool allows the community to
participate in manual testing of the phone.

## Core Apps
- File manager - progress made debugging issues outlined last week. Further
testing required, and a release should be forthcoming soon. After this
release we’d like to kick off a quest for some refreshed designs for File
Manager to bring it in line with other apps
- Dekko continuing to implement desktop view designs. Lots of good
collaboration between Dekko developers and design to finalise desktop UI.
- Docviewer / LibreOffice integration is a little blocked. We updated
Docviewer itself, the LibreOffice build and the phone itself has been
updated since our last build. Currently the app starts but crashes on
loading LO docs. So we need to a bit of debugging to identify the cause.
Should have more positive news next week.

## Developer Site
- Update Django update branch [5] with new tests. Landing once all other
changes have been made available in the production deployment.
- Landing page update
- New API docs published for SDK 15.04.1 framework, includes
Ubuntu.Components 1.3 and AdaptivePageLayout [6]

## Snappy
- Digest Snappy developer survey. Create new IA proposal which does a
better job catering to our most relevant developer demographics (app
developers/upstreams, makers).
- Add examples tour [7] to snapcraft documentation.
- Review Snappy App Developer manual.
- Get fixed snapcraft 0.2 release to wily.


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