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FOSSASIA 2015 Singapore | GSoC & What's Next No Images?  Click here               ​    ​          The FOSSASIA 2015 Singapore Success

Hello ,

I would like to follow up on FOSSASIA 2015 and some of our current activities of FOSSASIA, which could be interesting for you.

Our  FOSSASIA'15 [] event in Singapore in March has been a fantastic success. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this event possible! We would also like to thank all sponsors, venue partners and our main supporters  Red Hat [] and  Google [].

FOSSASIA 2016 will take place from March 18-20 in Singapore. Below are some numbers and facts of 2015 now, some info about 'What's Next in 2015' and our  FOSSASIA GSoC program [] with 5,500 USD stipends for students (tight Deadline 27 March, apply now!).

Happy Coding and all the best,

Hong Phuc

​     ​ ​ ​     ​          FOSSASIA'15 Numbers and FactsWe had 128 speakers from 27 countries and 900+ attendees. 37 volunteers supported the event.There were 142 scheduled sessions and lightning talks, and 58 breakout and unconference sessions.Dozens of talks are already available as  videos []. Thousands of  photos [] have been uploaded to social networks. 1500+  tweets [] with the FOSSASIA hashtag were posted during the event.Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, the Singapore Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative said at the event at a Q&A with Roland Turner: " Rest assured, we will continue to support Open Data and Open Source. []"Other keynotes included Lennart Poettering with systemd; Bunnie Huang gave insights to Open Hardware Development; Colin Charles about the future of MariaDB, and Gen Kanai talked about developer engagement at Mozilla."Build your own minimum viable Internet" was a hot topic at the event set by  Harish Pillay [] as well as the Internet of Things and enabling local production with digitization of machines like knitting machines.A first trend analysis of FOSSASIA shows that Python continues to receive increasing attention of developers and DevOps topics attracting a lot of interest.          ​     ​ ​ ​     ​          WHAT'S NEXT

* Due to the large interest in DevOps at FOSSASIA we are teaming up with Red Hat to bring you some free  Open Stack [] webinars including a series to learn how PaaS partnered with DevOps can improve application time to market.  Please  [;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=E64BFA61-32A0-4E5D-B7B2-784965F8B1FE&AffiliateData=70160000000f0XXAAY] follow this link [;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=E64BFA61-32A0-4E5D-B7B2-784965F8B1FE&AffiliateData=70160000000f0XXAAY].

* And: DevOps can also join a free  webinar []  to learn about the Keystone identity service [], which is part of the OpenStack Platform.

Free OpenStack DevOps Webinar [;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=E64BFA61-32A0-4E5D-B7B2-784965F8B1FE&AffiliateData=70160000000f0XXAAY]          Open Stack Keystone ID Webinar []           ​     ​ ​ ​     ​          GSoC Stipends and Meetups

FOSSASIA was accepted as a mentor org for Google Summer of Code 2015. We are now looking for students who would like to develop for Open Source projects and receive a stipend of 5,500 USD. We are particularly looking for mobile app developers and software developers for Open Hardware and the Internet of Things. Please check out our ideas list at  [] and sign up quickly before March 27 on  Google Melange [].

The FOSSASIA community organizes events and developer meetups throughout the year. Please join our  meetups in Singapore [], in  Dubai [] and many  other cities in Asia [] or  watch some videos [] from the last event online now on  YouTube [].

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