Community team week 26 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Jun 26 17:49:28 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here are some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical
have been working on this week:

## Community
- Help with planning of App Contest for UbuConDE
- Scheduled upcoming Global Events for LoCo Teams

## Quality
- First snappy open house scheduled, preparation ongoing
- Autopilot SDK plugin ready for merging
- Landed python autopilot harness for scopes docs
- Continued work on Help App and calculator tests
- PPA builds for calculator now update correctly

## Core Apps
- Work started on creating better home pages for Core Apps on Ubuntu
Developer website to make it easier for developers to get involved
- Identified and tagged numerous bitesize bugs across Core Apps for new
- Kicked off Libreoffice viewer core app development (prototype available)
- Landed updates to Terminal and Sudoku in the click store
- Music app added preliminary support for new Media-Hub background playlist
- DocViewer added document sorting to make document management easier -
call for translation made to translations teams
- Calendar has some UI fixes landed, some more in flight. Some discussion
regarding improving calendar sync performance and reliability is ongoing.

## Developer documentation
- New QML/C++ tutorial published:
- Update of the aggregator scopes keywords guide:
- First version of the translations dashboard being
- Merge proposal for pulling in and integrating snap data from the store
being reviewed
- New Autopilot Scopes Harness API docs ready to publish

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